Did You Know You Can Easily Get Sushi in Japan for Just 100 Yen?

  • When you visit Japan, you will probably eat sushi. However, there are many kinds of sushi, not just basic sushi made of rice and raw fish. And also, I think those sushi are kind of expensive. But, the places that I’m gonna tell you about have many unique kinds of sushi and they are normally just 108yen(after tax) each! Those shops are called 100-yen sushi, and are usually Kaiten-sushi style. Kaiten-sushi is one of the many sushi-place types, but it’s a little bit more casual than other restaurants. In addition, they serve many other dishes! I think 100-yen sushi restaurant is a fun place to enjoy your meal!


    This is one of Sushiro advertisements for salmon campaign. As you see, even if it’s just salmon, there are many unique kinds of it! Such as salmon with avocado, with cheese, and even with miso! And the price is just 108 yen for each one! But of course they have a lot more than just one kind of fish to offer!


    Even though Kura-sushi is a sushi restaurant, they also serve other delicious dishes. I’m sure that their sushi is really good and original just like Sushiro’s, but Kura-sushi’s main point is their side menu. They have ramen, udon, and many others. No need to limit yourself to sushi only!


    Can you imagine that all these desserts are served by a sushi restaurant? And also, can you believe that they all cost from 100 to 200yen? Hama-sushi has many desserts which are all super delicious. I have been there before, and chocolate cakes were amazing! Of course, they too serve great interesting sushi, but their desserts deserve special attention!

    So, here are the best 100 yen sushi restaurants. You can try unique sushi and other dishes which can not be found in the regular sushi restaurants. Moreover, the atmosphere in them is a lot more relaxed, so you can easily enjoy it with your family without being scared of making too much noise!