Love Modern Art and Architecture? Then Check Out These 4 Famous Art Museums in Karuizawa!

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  • Karuizawa is not only popular among tourists for its autumn colors and hot springs, but also its unique contemporary art museums. These four museums are worth getting to and they also have a cafe and shop inside to relax.

    1. Karuizawa New Art Museum


    Karuizawa New Art Museum is created to re-frame Japanese art work. It combines both domestic and international art forms to appeal for a global audience of modern times through innovation. The museum has even had many critical acclaims for its unique innovative collection. Rikuo Nishimori was the architect who designed the museum building with the exterior made of glass with white pillars. It was first designed to be a business facility but however transformed into a new-age museum with state of the art facilities.

    Karuizawa New Art Museum Website

    2. Hiroshi Senju Museum


    World famous star architect Ryue Nishizawa combined the beauty of Karuizawa with art while designing the Hiroshi Senju museum building. One will certainly be amazed by the art and architecture here. The museum mainly hosts the best artworks of Hirsohi Senju who is a renowned artist and professor from the region. The museum is closed for the winter between December 26 to end of February. There is a beautifully colored leaf garden with more than 150 types of colored leaf plants surrounding the museum.

    Hiroshi Senju Museum

    3. Sezon Museum Of Modern Art


    This museum is located at a ten to fifteen-minute walk from the ‘Sengataki Waterfall Onsen’ in Karuizawa. It is a very beautiful area with gardens. The museum has a spacious garden with artworks for you to see and relax. Inside the museum, you can find a wide collection of artworks by many famous artists like Shusaku Arakawa, Hisao Domoto, Tadanori Yokoo, Kazumi Nakamura, Man Ray and others. The museum conducts a famous exhibition of upcoming artists namely the ‘Art Today Exhibition’ in autumn while it exhibits the old collection selectively in spring months. Photos and speaking loud are prohibited in the premises of the museum. There is a cafe here which offers light meals and a shop which also sells postcards.

    Sezon Museum Of Modern Art Website

    4. Musee le Vent

    Musee le Vent Garden Space


    Musee le Vent is a part of Bunka Gakuin school in Karuizawa which is founded by Isaku Nishimura who is an artist. The building is built in a British style and has nice views of Mt. Asama from its vicinity. The museum is doing a lot to encourage modern artists. There is a special exhibition every year with a different theme for artists who have graduated from the Bunka Gakuin school. There is also a permanent exhibition displaying the works of Isaku Nishimura and his contemporaries. There is a nice cafe with a spacious terrace for you to have a great view. The museum also conducts concerts in August.

    Bunka Gakuin School



    So, why not pay a visit to these astounding and pleasant museums and be an art connoisseur for the day. It gives an amazing feeling indulging yourself in such activities in such a calm and serene place like Karuizawa.

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