Check out These 5 Must-Watch J-Dramas Featuring Handsome Arashi Members!

  • Have you ever heard of Arashi (嵐)? It is one of the top idol boy groups in Japan. Apart from being famous as idols, members of the group are also recognized as great actors in both dramas and movies. Here are 5 dramas that left a deep impression on fans and non-fans alike!

    1. Maou

    Maou stars Satoshi Ohno (大野智 from Arashi) and Ikuta Toma (生田斗真) in the lead roles. This drama is actually a remake of Korean suspense drama ‘The Devil’ (‘Mawang’). The story is about Naruse (Ohno), who portrays himself as the kind-hearted lawyer who always helps the poor in winning their case, up to the point that the media call him ‘The Angelic Lawyer’.

    Unknown to other people, he is actually plotting a perfect revenge for the person who is responsible for his brother’s death. Serizawa (Ikuta) is a hot-blooded detective who has a secret that he tries hard to conceal, but it somehow always plays a role in the cases handled by Naruse. Then, a multiple homicide case reveals the dark history of the people involved.

    2. Kazoku Game (The Family Game)

    Kazoku Game is an adaptation of an award winning novel by Honma Yohei (本間洋平). This drama stars Sho Sakurai (櫻井翔), who plays an eccentric private tutor named Yoshimoto Koya who tutors underachiever Shigeyuki, who planned to drop out of school. Shigeyuki’s father offers Yoshimoto 100,000 yen as a bonus if he manages to make Shigeyuki go back to school within a short time.

    Yoshimoto asks for 5 days to make it happen, but doesn’t allow anyone to interfere with his method of teaching. His method of teaching is something that has never been seen before, to the point that it gets out of control! He gets involved with the family, and turns their life upside down with his wacky and unpredictable character.

    3. My Girl

    The story is about the 24-year-old Masamune (Masaki Aiba, 相葉雅紀) who struggles with his passion in photography and then unexpectedly receives the news that his ex-girlfriend who left him a few years ago has passed away. In addition to that, she has secretly given birth to Masamune’s daughter, Koharu, who is now 5 years old.

    The story revolves around how Masamune, who only just learned about the existence of his daughter, takes care of her while he struggles to pursue his dream to be a professional photographer. The drama portrays the dilemma of Masamune when he has to choose between creating a good atmosphere for Koharu to grow up in, or pursuing his dreams.

    4. Ryusei no Kizuna (Ties of Shooting Stars)

    Ryusei no Kizuna is an adaptation from a novel by mystery writer Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾). The life of the Ariake children (Kazunari Ninomiya / 二宮和也, Ryo Nishikido / 錦戸亮, Erika Toda / 戸田恵梨香) changed in one night when they sneaked out of their house to watch shooting stars, only to return home to find their murdered parents. Oldest brother Koichi (Ninomiya from Arashi) then made a pact with his siblings: “When we grow up, the three of us will find and kill the murderer”.

    The case was left in silence throughout the years. However, as the date of statute of limitation drew near, the Ariake children and the detectives that are involved in the case find new evidence in the case. Will they finally get their revenge?

    5. Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)

    This drama is based on a shoji (girl) manga series written by Yoko Kamio (神尾葉子). This drama is about middle-class Makino (Mao Inoue / 井上真央) who went to a prestigious elite school where the students are all from a super rich family. The school is ruled by F4, the sons of Japan’s wealthiest and most powerful tycoon, who bully other students to the extreme out of boredom. Makino, who was harassed by F4 after standing up for her friend who was also bullied by F4, punches Domyouji (Jun Matsumoto / 松本潤) right in his face for crushing the lunch that her parents made for her, and declared a war against F4.

    The unexpected retaliation catches Domyouji by surprise, and he finds himself falling in love with her. However, Makino is in love with Rui, Domyouji’s best friend. The story continues, can Domyouji make his way to Makino’s heart, that never really belonged to him?

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    1. Aquaria says:

      Some other great dramas that Arashi members have been in:

      Smile, starring Matsumoto Jun as a half-Filipino falsely accused of murder because of his race.

      Freeter, Ie Wo Kau. Starring Kazunari Ninomiya as a spoiled boy who loses his corporate job and floats between part time jobs that he hates. Then comes the day when his mother has a nervous breakdown after years of bullying by other wives in the neighborhood. Now he needs to find a job that pays well, so that the family can move to a better environment.

      Kimi wa Petto. A dramedy about a woman journalist who seems to have it all–tall, beautiful, a Tokyo University education and the success that comes with it, until she punches a boss who sexually harasses her. When she goes home that day in despair, she finds a dancer (Matsumoto Jun) in front of her apartment building who has been badly beaten by thugs for rejecting a landlady’s sexual advances. When he needs a place to stay, he begs his rescuer to shelter him, and she agrees–on the condition that he becomes a replacement for her childhood dog–a pet. He agrees, and hilarity ensues. However, it’s also a serious look at two people finding a place where they can be their real selves.

      Yamada Tarou Monogotari. A completely silly comedy starring Nino as a schoolboy attending an exclusive school that everyone thinks is rich, when he’s actually extremely poor from being the main support for his family that includes a ridiculously naive mother and his six siblings. The story takes off when he becomes friends with a bored rich boy played by Sho, who finds Yamada’s poverty both intriguing and a source of great amusement. It’s not especially deep or the kind of show that changes your life, but it is absolutely hilarious and Yamada’s siblings are all suitably adorable.

      Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru, starring Matsumoto Jun. A young man has a modest, but happy life with his wife and young daughter. Then he develops strange physical symptoms that mystify doctors as he grows ever more physically disabled. Have handkerchiefs handy.

      Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku is a romantic drama starring Matsumoto Jun as the son of a famous actor who is an actor as well, but his career is floundering. Then he meets a young widow with an adorable daughter, and it’s love at first sight for him. Soon after they meet, his father dies, leaving him without the financial security he had once known. If that’s not enough, the widow starts working at his agency, and has a secret tie to his family. She also helps him understand why his career is stalled and helps him overcome it–all while they grow every closer. But will it be close enough for her to fall in love with him in return?

      Bokura no Yuuki. Among the earliest roles for Matsumoto Jun and Aiba Masaki, even before they joined Arashi, BnY is a seriously disturbing dystopian sci-fi series about Japan suffering a major earthquake that releases a virus which causes everyone near the epicenter of the quake to die when they turn 20. The government has quarantined the area which leaves behind a world that has only kids in it who must fend for themselves. Will someone find a cure for the virus, so that not only will the children stop dying, but also be able to live a normal life? Very hard to find now, but worth the search if you like post-apocalyptic dramas. Jun is especially adorable as a young boy deeply attached to one of the leaders of the quarantine zone.

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