Three Useful Mobile Phone Apps When Touring Japan

  • HOW TO
  • Who would not want to see the captivating sights of Japan? Lots of tourists from all over the world love having their vacation in Japan. It’s lively cities, picturesque countryside and breathtaking gardens are just some of the reasons why people love this place. But visiting Japan could be a tricky journey if you have no grasp of the Japanese language. Hence always equip yourself with mobile applications that will make your travel more rewarding.

    1. Translator

    Japan’s very rich culture and patriotic people make it hard for western influence to immerse in the country. Language included, there are VERY few Japanese people who would understand English. But do not let the language barrier stop you from visiting Japan. Download the Google Translate application on your phone and you are ready to go. Lately it has a photo option so even if you need to read somethings you can just point a camera on it, and know what it means. Do not be afraid to use your minimal-to-null Japanese when having conversations or asking directions because the country is filled with friendly and nice people. Even a simple phrase like ‘Ohayo gozaimasu!’ is deeply appreciated.

    2. Maps

    Touring the countryside can be tricky with the stores and streets named in Japanese characters only. Google maps could save you from getting lost wherever you are in Japan. Since most of the street names and establishments are in Japanese characters, hence hard to type in, you could use the place’s telephone number in searching for the location.

    3. Calculator

    Due to the language barrier, shopping on the streets and rentals can be tricky. So let sellers type in the amount they require for easier transaction. Furthermore, for those who are on a tight budget, this application will come in handy when shopping. Convert. Convert. Convert. Japan can be an expensive place to visit so convert your expenses to see if you are still within the budget. Even in the restaurants, tax is usually not added in the menu prices, so grab your phone and check how much everything would cost with the tax included. (sometimes other service charges are applied as well)

    It would seem that mobile devices nowadays are men’s best friends. It is as important as money not to forget when one leaves the house. Aside from all above, the camera application is also very useful when visiting new places. But maximize your phone’s capacity and use the other applications to help you in you trip.