Kids Toy Museums and More at the Fairy Tale ’Forest Of Muse’ in Karuizawa

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  • Usually, museums are intended for educational or aesthetic purposes and targeted at adults or older children. Furthermore, there are not a lot of museums out there for kids. However, the ‘Forest Of Muse’ in Karuizawa is a fairy-tale land for kids with cool pictures and toys. It is basically a very large area with two sister museums and a beautiful garden.

    1. Karuizawa Picture Book Museum


    Karuizawa Picture Book Museum is a themed museum with a huge collection of picture books for kids in the Forest Of Muse. At least 6000 items are spread across three buildings in this museum. There are seating arrangements for visitors to sit down and read their favorite books. The book collection in this museum consists mainly of western pictorial literature and children’s books. Some are very limited edition books which you won’t find anywhere else. Apart from the books, there are quite a number of ephemera like documents, pastels, original illustrations and so on. There are a few books for sale like some classic children stories or novels. In addition to it, there is also a garden shop which sells gardening and interior goods for you to take home too.

    2. Karuizawa Erz Toy Museum


    Karuizawa Erz Toy Museum is another themed museum in the Forest Of Muse situated just across the street to the Picture Book Museum. It consists of an exhibition hall displaying various varieties of toys every spring, summer and autumn. There is a section with educational wooden toys which children are able to play with. The wooden toys are authorized German toys also known as ‘Erz toys’ named after the German region of Erzgebirge where they come from. The museum also has a cafe with a nice garden view to relax in.

    Erz wooden toys


    So don’t forget to get your kids tickets to the amazing Forest Of Muse. It is very educational for kids. Also, occasionally there will be special events and community activities conducted in the Forest Of Muse so inquire with them directly for more details.

    Erz Museum Website


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