When is the Best Season to Visit Japan?

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  • There is no best season in visiting Japan. It seems that all year round, the place is bustling with activities and events. There are matsuris and fireworks display during summer, night illuminations during winter and beautiful landscapes during fall. Not to mention the breathtaking sakura flowers blooming during spring. So whenever you plan to visit Japan, there will always be an event or beautiful sceneries waiting for you.

    For first time travelers, I suggest that you visit Japan on the season that you are most accustomed to. According to Wikipedia, the average temperature during summer in Japan is around 25.2 °C (77.4 °F) while during winter it is around 5.1 °C (41.2 °F). Depending on the location, my experience with Japan’s weather would go down to -5 °C to as high as 35 °C. In some instances, it could get colder or hotter.


    If you want to climb Mt. Fuji, it is most accessible during summer. No matter the season, as you climb higher it gets colder so it is better to climb the mountain during hot days. Take note that this activity is not for everybody since mountain climbing, especially the tallest one in Japan, needs preparation–physical at that.

    Firework displays are between July and September in Japan. It would seem that every city in Japan has its own fireworks festival. Fukuroi Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest fireworks displays in Japan. The dancing fireworks are are continuously in motion up to hours. It is held in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka. That is around two hours away from Tokyo.


    The best time to visit temples and gardens are during spring. It is the time when Cherry or Sakura blossoms. Though temples are open all year round, they are best visited when sakura is in full bloom. The enchanting beauty of the trees adds charm to already beautiful temples and gardens. Take note that Sakura only blooms for only few weeks and it is around late March to April.


    Nature in Japan is best seen during Autumn. When you are in Zen gardens, everything turns multicolor during this season of the year. Your background turns yellow and gold while some of the trees remain lush green making everything look very picturesque and calming.


    Ski resorts are at height during winter. Tourists from all over the world visit Japan for the snowy mountains. But Japan is not just known for its ski resorts, but for its night illuminations. If the lights in the cities are dancing during summer, it is more dazzling during winter as they put on more illuminations for added attraction.

    If you have a few days off from work and you want to have your vacation in Japan, book it on your favorite season of the year since most of the activities in Japan are outdoors. Because be it winter, spring, summer or fall, there is an event for you waiting in Japan.