For the First Time Ever, Japan McDonald’s Introduces Their Newest Odd Creation: McChoco Potato!

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  • Fast food restaurants are certainly some of the easiest places to grab a quick bite when you’re feeling hungry. Even in Japan, there are a number of popular fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and, of course, the well-loved McDonald’s.


    But one difference between fast food chains here in Japan and their counterparts in other countries is the creative way of adding a certain mix to the usual menu. The kind of thing that would surely capture the attention of many. And for those who are visiting here for the newest limited time offer of McDonald’s, you have to try out the new McChoco Potato!

    McChoco Potato


    Many people are fond of eating french fries. In Japan, McDonald’s is also one of the fast food chains that offer the delicious crispy, golden fries. But what if your usual fries that are normally covered in ketchup turned into a bunch of fries with chocolate sauce?


    For a limited time only, McDonald’s will be offering its customers their newest product, the McChoco Potato. Mixing in the salty fried potato taste and the 2 flavored chocolate and white chocolate sauces, the McChoco Potato will give its consumers a new way of enjoying fries.

    The McChoco Potato will be sold for ¥330 on its own or for an additional of ¥60 if you want to add it as a side for a set. They will be sold for a limited time starting from January 26.

    For someone who loves McDonald’s fries, I’m also looking forward to getting to taste their new product. So far, the only sauces I’ve tried with McDonald’s fries are their ketchup and their chicken nuggets’ sauces. So having chocolate sauces with fries is certainly new for me! Make sure you also check them out during their offer period and see for yourself if chocolate and fries make a good match!

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