Ishiwarizakura: See Japan’s Ancient Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree in Full Bloom!

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  • Japan care very deeply about this particular cherry tree as it is 400 years old and signifies the coming of spring. Also, its beloved pink and white blossoms is a masterpiece for all to enjoy. Furthermore, for those who love nature and gardening, this is definitely a wonderful sight to see.

    Where It Began


    It all started with a small seed that slipped into the cracks of a large granite boulder and flourished into a beautiful tree, admired by many. It can be found in front of the courthouse in Morioka, Iwate – Northern Japan – almost ten minutes away from the Morioka train station on foot. Between mid-April and early May, this is the first cherry tree in Morioka to bloom. The light coloured petals fall off in nearly two weeks and the tree turns into a lovely green color.

    Dedication to the Ishiwarizakura


    In 1932, the courthouse suffered from a fire and many people helped put it out as well as protect the tree. A gardener named, Fujimura Jitaro, risked his life to keep the tree safe and to this day, volunteer gardeners give their time to help care for the cherry tree. Standing at almost 10 metres high with a trunk of about 4 metres wide, it is a sign of strength for the city. Workers place support ropes around the branches to keep it standing tall. Also, during the winter, the tree is given a nice coat to keep it warm and protect it from the snow.

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    All year long, locals await the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a marvellous looking tree growing in your community? This cherry tree is considered a national treasure of Japan and nothing compares to its symbol of strength and endless possibility.

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