Stay and Relax at the Most Beautiful Resort in Karuizawa

  • Karuizawa is a resort town that is popular with many tourists for its serene neighborhoods and lush green nature. This place has many nice hotels and resorts, and if you are looking for that romantic and luxurious edge, Hoshinoya Karuizawa is the best option. It has very stylish and advanced facilities that will make your stay a great experience!


    Hoshinoya Karuizawa


    Hoshinoya Karuizawa started off as a hot spring and has been founded by Kunitsugu Hoshino in 1914. The comforting waters here have made this place big over time. It is believed that the water here has natural benefits for the skin, and that is one of the reasons why the inn became a huge resort. The resort contains an indoor stone bath that has been built into the cedar flooring, an open-air bath, a sauna named ‘Tombo-no-yu’, and a meditation bath for therapeutic exercise. The meditation bath has both well lit and dark rooms for you to take dips in to reduce tension. There is also a spa where you can receive an hour-long massage treatment that will rejuvenate you completely.


    The rooms in this resort offer a nice view on the forest and nearby river. High ceilings and spacious rooms create a relaxing atmosphere. The design of these rooms are Japanese style, where tables and sofas are low but placed over a leg space built into the floor for more comfort. The bathtubs are made of aromatic cedar and provide a private view when you are bathing. The dining facilities are exceptionally good and have a nice atmosphere. There is an in-room dining facility as well for those who would like to eat in the comfort of their own rooms. A 24-hour menu is available too.



    Usually in hotels and resorts, there is not much to do except for staying and relaxing. But Hoshinoya offers a lot of fun activities for making your stay more exciting. Since the resort is situated in a lush green environment, one can see a lot of varieties of wild greens. You can also reserve a private tour to explore the nature of Karuizawa through an affiliated eco-tour operator called ‘Picchio’. This place is famous for being the habitat of the world`s largest flying squirrel.

    In addition to all this, a horse riding experience in the grand nature of the highlands of Mt. Asama can give you an exhilarating time like no other. Your tour photos are taken by the club staff. The city of Karuizawa offers you a lot of fun shopping. The Karuizawa Outlet Mall and Harunire Terrace are good places for shopping. Furthermore, there are facilities like a banquet hall, library, children`s room, tea house, and others at the resort for you to have a complete experience.

    Did you already get excited about staying in this exclusive resort? You can click here to visit their homepage, and here for access information. Have a nice stay, and enjoy the beautiful nature of Karuizawa!

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