Good News For Oyster Lovers: Hiroshima Has a Festival Dedicated to Them!

  • February is the best month for oysters. And what better place to find the best quality oysters in the world than Japan?! If you go to Hiroshima, you can enjoy the famous Kaki (Oysters) Festival.



    Miyajima, which means the ‘shrine land’ in Japanese, is an island in the northwest of Hiroshima Bay. The sea waters of Miyajima have an abundance of oysters. Miyajima and the neighboring regions of Hiroshima produce most of the nation’s oysters.

    During the cold winter months such as February, oyster festivals are conducted along the coast of Hiroshima. There are different kinds of oyster festivals happening in different port towns of Hiroshima every year. However, the Miyajima Oyster Festival is the biggest and most vibrant among all of them. Everyone should visit this festival that is held in the second week of February. The 2016 festival will be held on February 14th!



    The Miyajima Oyster Festival is usually held at the main event space immediately to the right of the main ferry terminal. You can find different kinds of oyster dishes such as raw, deep fried, marinated, in ‘dote-nabe’ hotpot, in udon noodles and porridge etc. You can find ‘amazake’ and beer too everywhere along with the dishes. While you are savoring the food, a local taiko drum club will perform excellently and quite dramatically. There is a traditional dance show called ‘Kagura’ which is famous in the Chugoku region for its energy and rhythm. The bright costumes of participants and the crowd cheering make the dance performances even more exciting.

    The main aim of the festival is to consume oysters. However, even if you don’t like or are allergic to oysters, you may still want to go just watch the amazing dance routines of local folklore. On a cold winter day, who does not want to fill up on hot and delicious seafood?


    This oyster festival is definitely worth a go for all of the seafood connoisseurs out there. There are many other tourist sites around the venue for you to have a nice and complete day.


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