Boost Your Karaoke Experience and Go Next Level with ’Boulkara’ in Kyoto!

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  • Living in Japan, there are many options to choose from to prevent boredom, whether it’s activities with your family, friends or even alone – there is certainly plenty to do. Also, in Japan, many people tend to favor karaoke.


    While it is no doubt a popular choice for many, there is one idea that has started to revolutionize our favorite karaoke past time. Which, in itself, is probably very surprising for most. However, an activity involving a combination of karaoke and bouldering has come to life in Kyoto resulting in a new, fun type of indoor activity!



    A simple play of words and very easy to understand, Boulkara is a mix of bouldering and karaoke in one. With a large number of karaoke shops open all over the country, competition was sure to arise between them and because of that, the karaoke joint operator, Jankara, has created something very unique.


    Not only is Boulkara a new concept that is being introduced to karaoke enthusiasts but it also entices people who like trying new challenges and experiences too, as one wall of the karaoke room is filled entirely with boulders where you can sing and climb at the same time.


    There are also three levels that climbers can choose to take on: beginner, intermediate and advanced. On the sides of the boulders, different colored numbers indicate the kind of level that you can do! It’s surely a fun activity that anyone can take part in but for the moment, Boulkara is only available at the Kawaramachi branch in Kyoto.

    Certainly Boulkara is something new to many of us and one that’s worth checking out. If it catches on, more branches will start to offer it for sure! Why not check it out in Kyoto if you’re around? Just make sure you don’t drink and Boulkara at the same time!

    Jankara Website*Japanese Only


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