Try ’Miguel y Juani’ Spanish Restaurant’s Award-Winning Paella in Tokyo!

  • It may be odd to say that the best paella restaurant in the world is in Japan because it is a dish that originates in Valencia, Spain, but it is most definitely true in saying that one of the best paella chefs can be found here in Japan.

    Background on Miguel Y Juani Restaurant


    The Concurs Internacional de Paella Valenciana festival takes place in September every year in the town of Sueca in Valencia, Spain as part of the Rice Festival in Sueca. The dishes must be cooked with rice grown in the region of La Albufera, but the remaining ingredients can be of any origin. Paco Rodriguez, the owner of the restaurant franchise, ‘Miguel y Juani’, was the 2014 champion of the Concurs Internacional de Paella Valenciana festival. Other than becoming the champion of the 2014 contest, he has also received various honors in several competitions since 2007.

    Miguel y Juani Restaurant Opens in Japan


    With the ambition to provide genuine paellas here in Japan. Miguel Y Juani restaurant provides paellas and fideua (paellas made from pasta), along with tapas consisting of ham and wine from Spain. The interior of the restaurant is based on Spanish decor with the tiles imported from Spain. The rest of the decor is created in a way to provide the people of Japan with a true atmosphere of a Spanish restaurant.


    The original Miguel Y Juani restaurant was founded by Paco Rodriguez’s parents in July of 1988. The one in Japan has opened on the 13th floor of Shinjuku, Takashimaya, Times Square.


    There are five types of paellas and three types of fideuas. Other than these, they also have other entrees such as Garcia style octopi and tortillas.

    Valencian Paella


    The Valencian paella is made based on the original flavoring founded in the Valencian region. It contains rabbit and chicken flavors as well as escargot and green beans.

    Seafood Paella


    With the intense flavor and aroma of seafood in the rice, the seafood paella is a delicious dish. Seafood fideuas are also available.

    Iberico and Mushroom Paella


    This paella is flavored with iberico pork and mushrooms.

    Vegetable Paella


    The vegetable paella contains abundant vegetables and provides an extremely healthy version of the paellas and fideuas. There are also vegetable fideuas.

    Squid Ink Fideua


    The squid ink fideua may look slightly intimidating but it tastes divine. The fideuas are made from a specific type of pasta which makes the texture of the dish distinct from the rice-based paellas. Squid ink paellas are also available.

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