Meet the Handsome Sanrio Boys and their Favorite Characters!

  • In November 2015, Sanrio, which is the company famous for its iconic Hello Kitty character, created a Twitter account for a new group of five handsome boys who love Sanrio characters and merchandise.

    The group of five high school boys are Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys) and was created to further promote Sanrio products by giving each boy their own favorite Sanrio character! Let’s meet the group and see who their favorite Sanrio character is.

    Kota Hasegawa

    Kouta’s favorite character of the Sanrio series is Pompompurin, a golden retriever dog. Kouta can be seen sporting a yellow watch which shows his love for Pompompurin which is also yellow in color. Besides that, he loves eating yakisoba which is a common type of Japanese noodles often sold as street food.

    Yu Mizuno

    Yuu favors My Melody, a little girl rabbit character who always dons a pink or red hood. However, Yuu prefers the Pink Melody over the Red Melody and expresses this through the pink belt and pink color pins that he wears.

    Shunsuke Yoshino

    Shunsuke’s favorite character is Hello Kitty which is the most popular character of Sanrio! Due to his respect for Hello Kitty, he calls her with the suffix –san instead of –chan. His hair is also dyed white to match the color of Hello Kitty’s fur.

    Ryo Nishinomiya

    Ryo is very fond of Kiki and Lala from My Little Twin Stars. Kiki and Lala are a pair of angel-like twin characters. Therefore, Ryo’s adorable, angelic looks are a match with the twins. In addition, Ryo wears pink and blue shoelaces which represent the twins since Kiki has blue hair and Lala has pink hair.

    Seiichiro Minamoto

    Seiichiro’s beloved character is Cinnamoroll, a white puppy character with a curly tail resembling a cinnamon roll. Seiichiro is a Student Council President who adores Cinamoroll for its fluffiness and softness.

    Looks like Sanrio is expanding its appeal of not only cute animal characters but also pretty boys for the anime or manga fans, especially fans of the Shoujo series. Which Sanrio boy is your favorite? Sanrio should produce a new anime series based on these characters as they look very charming which is likely to attract a new fanbase!

    Sanrio Danshi Twitter*Japanese Only

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