Five reasons you absolutely need to know to visit Tokyo this Spring!

  • Japanese are well-known for their culture and tradition, and Tokyo is no exception. This metropolitan prefecture offers many unique festivals and traditions for you to enjoy while visiting Japan.

    For you who are into Japanese culture and tradition, there are five good reasons why you must visit Tokyo this Spring:

    1. Hiwatari-sai Festival

    This festival is also known as The Fire Walking Festival. This festival is held on the street performing Yamabushi. Yamabushi (山伏) are Japanese mountain ascetic hermits with a long tradition, endowed with supernatural powers in traditional Japanese mysticism. During the festival, the Yamabushi will walk barefoot over a bed of burning coals and pray for the world peace. Japanese believe that people who come to Hiwatari-sai will get lucky!

    2. Hanami

    Hanami is one of big events in Japan to welcoming the cherry blossom. Hanami usually occurred in April and made ​​lots of people go out together with family and friends to witness the beauty of the cherry blossoms. There are some famous place to enjoy the cherry blossoms, such as, Koukyo, Ueno Park, and Shinjuku Gyoen Park.
    Ueno Park Access
    Shinjuku Gyoen Access

    3. Fuji Matsuri

    Similar with hanami, fuji matsuri is a festival to welcome start blooming flowers. In Fuji matsuri, people welcoming the Fuji flowers. You can go to the Kameido Tenjin Shrine and witness more than 100 kinds of Fuji flowers are blooming.
    The atmosphere at Kameido Tenjin will give you feeling of being in the Japanese traditional feast. At night, you can still visit this area and feel the romantic atmosphere.
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    4. Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival

    The Festival is being held in Meiji Shrine from April 29th until May 3rd, there will be many kind of event for Gods during the period. The event will be enlivened with many kinds of art performances by traditional artists, such as, Bugaku (classical Japanese dance performance), Noh (classical Japanese musical drama), Kyogen (classical Japanese skit), Sankyoku and many more.
    Meiji Jingu Shrine Access

    5. La Folle Journee au Japon

    This event was originally held in France by showing the presence of classical music in a formal event with a relaxed atmosphere. In Japan, the event began to be held in 2005 and has been known as a popular event during the period of Golden Week.

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