3 Mystic Places In Japan You Have To Visit In 2016!

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  • At one point in our lives, we all dream of becoming a traveler. Lurking through the depths of what we can explore in our surroundings, we start to seek out things we never imagined during our younger days. Whether man-made or from nature’s blessings, there is sure to be a place that will fulfill our search for adventure.


    Even through the course of time, Japan’s natural beauty has remained in good condition which is something to be proud of. But with a number of beautiful places all over the country, it’s hard to choose where to start! But don’t worry, let this be a guide for you to visit 3 mystic places in Japan you surely have to check out!

    Shodoshima Angel Road


    Located in Japan’s smallest prefecture, Kagawa, lies the Angel Road. This beautiful and mysterious 500-meter road connects three small islands to Shodosohima and only appears twice a day due to the tides. The Angel Road is a popular spot for couples. It is believed that the road will lead to marriage if a couple walks hand in hand there!

    Yume no Tsuribashi


    Cross the hanging bridge and when you reach the middle, make a wish for love and it will come true. That is what the Yume no Tsuribashi is popular and known for in Shizuoka. But aside from that, this hanging bridge is located in nature’s bountiful lush greens and water where you can enjoy taking a hiking course too!

    Nomizo no Taki


    If you think mystic places can only be seen on television, then you definitely have to make a trip to Nomizo no Taki in Chiba. The beautiful combination of light and water makes it feel like the falls came out of a scene from a movie. Beautiful throughout all of the seasons, the Nomizo no Taki is attracting a number of tourists for its splendid beauty. Take a stroll around the area or even go to the hot spring to take a break!

    Japan has a lot of beautiful places for people to enjoy and appreciate, and these are only a select few of those! Feel like going on an adventure? Add these places to your bucket list and check them out for yourself if you’re ever spending some time here. You’ll certainly enjoy the experience!

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