A Bar Run by Buddhist Monks? Vowz Bar in Tokyo

  • Ever thought of mixing booze with religion? Well, everything is possible in the Land of the Rising Sun! If you want to get your enlightenment in a martini glass, then you better go to Vowz Bar in Tokyo. It is located in Yotsuya. The bar offers no TV, no karaoke nor any live bands. However, Buddhist monks serve customers amazing cocktails with religious ceremonies and chanting.


    The History of the Bar


    Vowz bar has been serving customers for 15 years, thanks to the two Buddhist monks, Yoshinobu Fujioka and Gugan Taguchi, who run the bar. The thought of opening the bar came from the fact that they wanted to find a way to make themselves central to communities just as their forefathers did a long time ago.

    In the olden days, people would go to Buddhist temples to have a drink and socialize. But with plenty of other places to socialize in modern times, this no longer happens. So, instead, what the monks did was get out of the temple and reach out to people in a different way. Some of the people who come to the bar simply ask for guidance and inspiration while having a drink.

    Serving Homilies and Drinks


    Every night, Vowz Bar gathers different people coming from different backgrounds. The older monk, Taguchi, often does sermons where his words are respected by an attentive audience. Unlike in temples where rules are very strict, such as listening until a sermon is over, the atmosphere in the bar is quite relaxing. If you don’t like to hear the sermons or you need to go home, you can just leave anytime you want.

    The drinks served by the monks are surprisingly delicious. Some are even original cocktails bearing religious names such as “Infinite Hell,” “Perfect Bliss,” and “Enslavement to Love and Lusts.” These uniquely titled drinks keep customers coming back!

    This may be an out-of-the-ordinary drinking bar but it’ll surely give you the needed enlightenment you’ve been searching for.

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