Midori Sushi in Tokyo: Easy on the Pocket and Delicious!

  • There is no doubt that sushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the country. Many Japanese people love this handmade specialty, and tourists and travelers have learned to love this dish more and more over the past few years too. Therefore, many tourists want to try Japanese sushi first-hand on their travels throughout the country.

    Alas, there is only one problem that many may come across on their travels – sushi is expensive. While it may be true for first-timers, personally, it’s all about knowing where to eat. There are many Kaiten Sushi (conveyor belt) stores that offer 100 yen per sushi dish. However, I would like to introduce you to Midori Sushi!

    Midori Sushi


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    Midori Sushi is one of many sushi shops operating in Japan, with branches mainly in the Tokyo area. From per piece sushi to sushi sets, Midori Sushi has you covered. Another great aspect that Midori Sushi can really boast about is its quality of sushi for an affordable price!

    Lunch is the busiest time anywhere and it’s the same for Midori Sushi, where they offer a special lunch menu. The most affordable set is priced at 800 yen which includes a hefty serving of sushi, a salad, egg custard (chawanmushi) and dessert as well. They also offer a special 1,600 yen lunch set too!


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    Now, for even less of a dent in your budget, head along to one of their branches and enjoy your favorite tuna (maguro) sushi from the price of… 50 yen! (No typo there!) And they also have a one coin lunch set that includes 8 different sushi pieces for 500 yen!

    For us, Japanese, this is what we call otoku (お得), which means buying something for a good price! Certainly this would be considered the same for tourists traveling to Japan too. There’s nothing like delicious sushi at an affordable price – without having to sacrifice any of the quality!

    Check out their website to see the menu and shop locations!

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