Visiting Disney Resort, Off Season or Peak Season?

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  • It is every child’s dream to visit Disneyland, where it seems to be every adult’s dream to visit Japan. Now the question is, when is the best time to visit the country? Would it be during the peak season or the shadow season where there would be less tourists visiting?

    Visiting Japan on peak season has its own benefits. There are events everywhere, the crowd is lively and tourists traveling with you make the rides more enjoyable. However, if Disney resort is in your itinerary, you might want to consider a less crowded season. Disney Resort is always bustling with people. Any time of the year, thousands of visitors enter the magical land of Disney.

    One benefit of going to Disney Resort on a less crowded weekend is you get to avoid long queues. If you happen to visit during the peak weekends, queuing in the Space Mountain ride could take up to one and a half hours. Who would want to spend hours on a line waiting for your turn? Not everyone is blessed with the patience of a saint.

    Since you will spend more hours on each ride, visiting Disney Resort for only a day will not be enough. You need at least two days to visit each resort (Disney Land and Disney Sea Resorts). Now, what if your Japan tour is only 4 days and 3 nights?

    Another benefit of off-season visit is everything is cheaper. The hotel bookings rise up to 50% from the original value during the peak season. Furthermore, peak seasons are usually fully booked leaving you no choice but to check in a more distant hotel.

    If the crowd in Disney Resort is fewer during the low season, the more it is in Japan’s tourists spots. There will be fewer people in the Onsens, fewer people on the trains, and fewer traffic on the streets allowing more time for you to explore Japan.
    Visiting the amusement park is simply a dream come true, not just for kids but to those kids-at-heart as well. It is the place for family and especially children. So to avoid long queue and lessen the expenses, visiting the park at its lowest season is preferable.