These Classy New Kit Kats are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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  • Kit Kat goes hand in hand with Japan like cherry blossoms in the springtime. With their most recent Kit Kat offering, they have taken a routine chocolate bar and have taken it up a notch. There are even multiple specialty shops dedicated to the unique flavors alone. There are multiple regional flavors, from Kyoto matcha (green tea) to Okinawa sweet potato the list is practically endless. There is even a Kit Kat chocolate bar that is made out of gold! Coming from this history of impressive flavors, it is no surprise that they would come up another amazing combination to top it – the Kit Kat Moleson!

    What is Kit Kat Moleson?


    What is a moleson you ask? Unlike their past chocolate bars with fruit in them such as the “I love fruits” series that had fresh fruit in it (blueberry, coconut, and passion fruit to name a few) that was released in the past, this set is the first to have the additional ingredients ON them!


    Taking their cue from their “mendiant” counterparts in Europe (disks of chocolate with nuts and fruit on top of them, for those who don’t know) this takes the signature Kit Kat chocolate and tops it with dried cranberries and almonds resulting in a crunch and texture not seen in previous kit kat offerings. Allegedly, these were placed individually by hand to make them aesthetically pleasing. This new moleson chocolate bar is only available at the Kit Kat specialty boutique stores, which only sell Kit Kats and nothing else. They are also available online, so get them while supplies last!

    Given my parents whose wedding cake was a fruitcake, this would be the perfect anniversary present. This would also be great for Valentine’s Day. To make this special version of an everyday sweet even better, the bars come individually wrapped in their own special edition box! It retails at around 500 yen each and will start sales on February 5, 2016.


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