The 3 Tastiest Treats at Tokyo Disney Sea!

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  • Aside from being touted by many as one of the world’s best amusement parks, Tokyo Disney Sea is also a haven for themed treats and snacks. Just like its sister, Tokyo Disneyland, snacks are abundant in Disney Sea and choosing which on to get can be quite daunting for a newbie visitor. Don’t fret! Here are some snacks that should not be missed, plus where you can find them in the park!

    Gyoza Dog

    They say you’ve never truly been to Tokyo DisneySea if you have not tried the famous gyoza dog or the gyoza sausage bun. If you can’t wrap your head around what this filling snack is supposed to be, it’s very simple. It’s gyoza (a pork and vegetable dumpling) in a, you guessed it – bun. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, people get in long lines for this snack for a reason. It’s tasty and is enough to fuel you for a few hours in the park. The Gyoza Dog can be found in Mysterious Island’s Refreshment Station.


    Green Alien Mochi


    Oh, alien mochi, where do I start? You might recognise these green guys as the worshippers of the claw in their claw machine home in Disney’s Toy Story. This snack is a personal favourite of mine, and understandably so. Not only are these little mochi adorable, they don’t disappoint in the taste department. One order of this treat gives you three alien mochi in different flavours: strawberry, chocolate and custard. They are truly not to be missed. These little guys can easily be found in a food cart near the Toy Story Mania ride.

    Ukiwa Shrimp Bun


    This mainly shrimp-filled snack is a Tokyo Disney Sea exclusive. Visitors who come to the theme park seem to have a love affair with these buns, as this is another wildly popular snack that some say comes next to the gyoza dog. The ukiwa bun is a donut-shaped bun filled with tiny shrimps, pork and vegetables. Why the name ukiwa? Ukiwa means “life saver” in Japanese and the bun looks like a cute little lifebuoy, featuring Donald Duck on its equally cute packaging. Be delighted to find a little cheeky ‘surprise’ on the packaging once you finish this phenomenal snack. The ukiwa bun can be found at the Seaside Snack stand found between Port Discovery and Cape Cod.

    There you have it, three snacks you should definitely not miss at Tokyo Disney Sea. Don’t feel daunted by lines, as these snacks are extremely popular and the majority of the park visitors flock to try them all. One bite and you’ll know the lines are worth it and that these snacks are additional highlights to your visit.

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