Got a Date You Need to Plan? 3 Excellent Date Spots in Tokyo

  • Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to find a date. Your married friends may be spending Friday nights trawling Ikea or Nitori for a new bookshelf but in one swipe you can find someone willing to share a drink or some food with you. The hard part is now deciding where to meet; a date venue says an awful lot about you to a complete stranger so it’s something you want to get right. So here are 3 suggestions for the perfect place to take your next Tokyo Tinder.

    Roppongi Hills

    roppongi hills

    Roppongi is a widely ridiculed for being one of the seedier areas of Tokyo but it’s still quite a common area for people to meet up due to its notoriety. The best way to beat the crowds on the street is to head upwards 238 metres to the top of Roppongi Hills’ observation point. At 1800 yen, it’s not as cheap as Tocho considering this government building is free) but for putting your hand in your pocket you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city. Time it right and you can catch the sun setting behind Japan’s most iconic mountain, Mt. Fuji, a sight that will provoke feelings of romance in the coldest of hearts. Drinks at the top aren’t cheap, but if you go between 6-7 o’clock the champagne bar has a happy hour deal including a glass of bubbly and small plate for 1000 yen.

    Roppongi Hills


    Slappy Cakes (Shinjuku)


    Pancakes and crepes are still riding a popularity wave in Tokyo, so jump on the bandwagon by taking your date to Slappy Cakes in Shinjuku. The main draw of this place is you can make your own pancakes on a hot plate so even if the small talk is dying down you can still laugh at each other’s inability to cook batter. The toppings are numerous and fun to mix and match which creates a nice, friendly vibe for the evening. Pancakes for two will set you back around 3000 yen so although it’s not exactly cheap, the atmosphere and delicious treats more than make up for the outlay.

    Slappy Cakes Tabelog


    Tapeo (Akabane)


    Nothing says sophisticated like an evening of cheese and wine and Tapeo, located in Akabane, provides both of these things in abundance. Drinks typically cost you under 1000 yen in a round of 2 and the classy interior and delicious nibbles are bound to set a classy tone. As a word of warning, remember some mints if you decided to indulge in one of the exquisite continental cheese boards.

    Tapeo Tabelog


    There you have it! Three great places all with a different atmosphere. Which one will you choose for your next date?

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