High-rise Cocktails for Low Costs at Electric Sheep Bar in Sapporo

  • Picture a swanky skyline bar serving tasty cocktails. The room is filled with beautiful people enjoying the chilled atmosphere. To many, it’s the idea of a perfect night out but an outrageously pricey one. This is not the case for Sapporo’s Electric Sheep Bar.

    Prime Location

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    When walking through the heart of the Susukino district of Sapporo, it could be easy to miss this jewel located right on the main crossing. The bright lights and racket of the streets can be viewed from the serenity of the 9th floor in this fantastic bar. Upon walking in, the huge room-spanning window provides an amazing view of the laneways and bustle of this trendy district. The decor is tasteful with trendy Balearic house music playing in the background. But the biggest surprise about this place is the inexpensive menu.

    Save Your Wallet

    There are two options for enjoying your drinks in this elevated palace. Basic drinks including spirits and wine on a weeknight will cost a reasonable 500 yen. However, the nomihoudai (all you can drink) option is where the true value of this place lies. Electric sheep bar has a wide variety of interesting and varied cocktails on offer; from the eccentric colour changing ‘blade runner’ to the delicious ‘rum cheesecake’ topped with whipped cream. All of these can be sampled in a 2-hour sitting for just 2,700 yen and also includes a light bite with your drinks.

    Chilled Out Vibes


    The suave and attractive clientele must be keeping the place a secret because the service is at no point rushed and the freshly mixed drinks always hit the spot. Due to the clever layout of the bar, it’s easy to land yourself a seat with the best vantage of Susukino crossing. When you’ve found your table it’s easy to talk to other friendly drinkers, take in the views or simply kick back and listen to the chilled out tunes.

    Usually, with bars set in such a prime location you can expect a fair amount of pretention but this is simply not true with Electric Sheep Bar. As the drinks are reasonably priced you can always find a warm crowd keen to escape the freezing temperatures of Sapporo.

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