Dine with Domo-kun at the Limited-Time Domo Diner in Yokohama!

  • Domo! Konnichiwa! In Japanese, domo is something we say as a greeting or an addition to it. But there is another kind of Domo and you might have heard of him. If you haven’t heard of Domo-kun though, then you’re probably missing out!


    Domo-kun is a popular character that was a part of our childhood, and is still part of kids’ lives now! This cute monster is popular all around Japan as he is the official mascot of Japan’s public broadcasting station, NHK and has even made a name for himself across the world. Now, Domo-kun is ready to serve you some delicious food at his own Domo Diner!

    Domo Diner


    For a limited time, the Domo Diner located on the 6th floor of Yokohama Lumine will be serving us with a list of original dishes at his very own themed diner until March 9th! Some of the items on the list that you can expect include the Domo Burger (with Domo-kun’s face slapped onto the cheese!), the Doco Moco, Domo Taco Rice and others as well! Some items on the menu come with an original Domo-kun mug, and an original coaster if you order a drink too!


    Aside from that, original Domo-kun goods will also be sold at Village Vanguard on the 4th floor for the duration of the time the diner is open. These will include Domo-kun inspired shirts, tote bags and even an iPhone case, as well as the「LIFE IS DOMO」series. A special present will also be given to those who order from the original menu at Domo Diner and who purchase ¥2,000 worth of Domo-kun products at Village Vanguard. Just present both receipts at the registrar in Village Vanguard to receive the special Domo-kun Art Mask!


    A signing event by Gouda Tsuneo, the creator of Domo-kun, will also take place on January 31st at 4-5pm at the event space. A ticket will be given to those who would purchase ¥3,000 worth of Domo-kun products at Village Vanguard from January 25th to 31st.

    Domo-kun is still as popular as ever and if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to check out both Domo Diner and the Village Vanguard in Yokohama Lumine!

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