Delicious Curry that Will Keep You Warm in Sapporo: Future Curry Koris

  • The Japanese are not renowned for their love of spice. A blob of mustardy wasabi next to your toro sashimi will likely be the only heat you find accompanying food on a day to day basis. If you look hard enough however, there are some fantastically fragrant curries to be had. Sapporo seems to have a deluge of these avant-garde curry houses and Future Curry Koris is one such example.


    The Atmosphere

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    Instantly upon walking through the ground floor entrance, you will be hit by that warming aroma. Hints of coriander and cumin will fill your nostrils before being seated in the rather basic but fashionable dining room. There is a well-stocked bar and a menu provided in katakana, so you might want to research the Japanese for ‘vindaloo’ before visiting.

    The Curry


    It being Japan and all there is a slight twist on your Indian styled meal. The curries aren’t usually served with rice but instead a mammoth naan type bread (though you can still opt for rice in most places if naan is not your thing). This makes sense as the house specialties are ’charenge’ – soup based curries. What can be assured is that the spicing of the sauce is spot-on and you will be using every morsel of the light, crispy bread to wipe your bowl clean. There is something fresh and different about the food on offer and this might be linked to the restaurant name.

    The service is polite and reserved as can be expected of an establishment with a classy feel like Koris. A basic meal of curry and bread combo is reasonably priced at around 1,100 yen making it an averagely priced meal. The value lies in the authentic twist the Japanese chefs put into the food and it’s certainly worth the increased price from nearby curry house Coco Ichi!

    Future Curry Koris (or ‘Mirai Kare Korisu’ in Japanese) is located in the bustling Susukino part of town and only a short stroll from the main drag. They’re open lunch and dinner every day apart from Tuesday. For a top-notch tikka or magnificent masala there’s surely none better in Sapporo.

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