Catch Everyone’s Favorite Virtual Singer, Hatsune Miku, on Tour 2016!

  • The phenomenal virtual singer Hatsune Miku no longer needs a lengthy introduction. But for the uninitiated, Miku originated as a voice synthesiser software that was initially intended for professional musicians in 2007. Little did the world know that this software would take over the world, represented by a virtual 16-year-old girl with her now famous blueish-green pigtails.

    Now, Hatsune Miku’s cultural impact and influence are undeniable. She has millions of fans, not only in Japan but all over the globe. With various merchandise, sold-out shows and even appearances in other countries, Miku is now slated to have her first Japanese concert tour as a true blue performer. The Miku Expo 2016 will be held in 5 cities in Japan, beginning in March.

    The Hatsune Miku Expo

    Hatsune Miku will be wowing her adoring fans with her vocaloid prowess starting on the 23rd of March. Miku’s performance date for each location is as follows:

    Fukuoka (March 23 and 24), Namba (March 29), Nagoya (March 31), Sapporo (April 5), and culminating in Tokyo (April 9 and 10). All performances will be held in the cities’ corresponding Zepp Halls. Tickets range from ¥3900 to ¥7000. Here are additional details for each show.

    Aside from live performances, Hatsune Miku exhibitions featuring various merchandise and art, will also be held in partner locations: PARCO and Animate, across Japan. Check here for more details.

    While the Japanese leg of Miku Expo 2016 is her first in her home country, her largest tour will be in North America! She will also invade seven cities in three countries in North America. These cities are Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, New York and Mexico, starting on April 23rd. Tickets range from $50 – $150.

    It comes as no surprise that some of the venues are sold out or have only limited seats already! Are you a fan of Hatsune Miku and live in the areas where her tour will be held? Visit the Miku Expo 2016 website now to get a chance to watch this game-changing vocaloid diva in the flesh, or should we say in all her pixel glory?

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