Meet Monami Ohno and Her Wondrous Works of Cardboard Art!

  • Meet Monami Ohno (大野萌菜美), the artist whose talents and skills involve making things out of cardboard! She can replicate almost anything, even the highly detailed, by just using cardboard and carving and shaping tools. Monami Ohno studied at the Osaka University of Arts and due to her amazing talent, she has featured in magazines, websites, and news in Japan. She is also not stingy in sharing her talent with others as she also conducts workshops on how to teach people to create their own cardboard creations. Here are some of her works:

    Star Wars

    This is R2D2, a robot and amusing character from the Star Wars movies.


    Check out the houses! She could make architectural house models already.

    Army Tanks

    Monami seems to be a fan of army tanks as she posts many tank cardboard works of art on her Facebook page.



    Those who love playing with fake guns will love this. If only she could make the guns functional to shoot cardboard bullets, that would be even more awesome.

    Attack on Titan

    There is also a model of a memorable scene from the Attack on Titan anime where the Colossal Titan suddenly appeared and surprised the protagonist called Eren.


    Besides that, she also makes a cardboard replication of the famous Japanese monster, Godzilla. I would love to see her make wearable costumes too.



    If you struggle to even draw portraits using a pencil and an eraser, then here is a piece of cardboard portrait of Archimedes by Monami which will make you feel even less talented in drawing portraits.

    Wearable items


    She also makes wearable items like these cardboard glasses. The glasses obviously look too simple to be displayed as a magnificent work of art.


    So here is a pair of wearable shoes, which is a replication of Nike Air Jordan 1.

    My personal experience with cutting cardboard into art has been rather difficult due to the thickness of the cardboard. However, it seems this isn’t a problem for Monami at all as she can use cardboard for the tiniest details in her works of art! So, if Monami’s cardboard works of art have blown you away and you would like to see more of her creations, follow her Twitter and Facebook pages.

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