Die-Hard Pokemon Fan? Check Out How to Collect All the Special Monthly Pikachu Editions!

  • Whether you are living in Japan or abroad, most would recognize the cute Pikachu character and his trainer Satoshi (better known as Ash in other countries) from Pokemon. If you are a big Pokemon fan, I’m sure you would love some special collectible items from the newer set of merchandise that was introduced in April 2015, the Pokemon Center Original Monthly Edition Pikachu plush toys.

    However, take note that even though it is named the monthly Pikachu, the date it is sold is actually 2-3 weeks earlier than the actual month. For example, the February monthly Pikachu 2016 will start selling on the 9th January 2016.

    Monthly Outfits


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    These monthly Pikachu’s are not only designed to be cute but also there are meanings behind their monthly outfits. The first monthly Pikachu was released in April 2015 and the design was the working outfit. This coordinates nicely with the new working period of the year in Japan, where it is common to start the new financial working year in April. This goes on even until now in 2016, where the Pikachu released in November was dressed in a Halloween outfit and the January plush was a Pikachu dressed in the Shishimai lion dance attire for the New Year. One must really praise the creativity of the designers here for coordinating the themes of the outfits so well.

    March Monthly Edition


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    Don’t miss out on next month’s plush, the March Monthly Edition 2016. As March is graduation time for students throughout Japan, Pikachu will be dressed in a graduation outfit for that month. This timely designed plush might just be a great gift during the graduation period.

    June Monthly Pair 2016


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    This year, from April 2016, the Pokemon Center Original Monthly Edition was reintroduced, but this time, they are in pairs, thus the reason they have been named the “Pokemon Center Original Monthly Edition Pair Pikachu”. As mentioned previously, the actual release date is 2-3 weeks earlier than the specified month and usually on a Saturday.

    So, don’t miss out on the June Monthly Pair! As more rain is expected to fall due to the change to rainy season in June, the pairs will be dressed in cute raincoats and of course, an umbrella accessory. They went up for sale on the 21st May 2016. However, there are 2 ways to get your hands on them:

    1. Visit the Pokemon Center early in the morning before they sell out
    2. Use the Pokemon Center Online service to order the merchandise

    The new pair editions will appear on the page the day the item is released and with most online shopping websites, make sure you register first! However, the information is all in Japanese so either seek help from someone who is fluent in Japanese or use the handy ‘google translate’ tool. Also, note that there will be a delivery charge of 540 yen for purchases under 5000 yen but on the other hand, it will save you the hassle of waking up early and queuing up!

    Note that for the special edition plush toys, they can get sold out quickly, so if you’re a big Pikachu fan or know one, these make great souvenirs and gifts!

    Check out the Pokemon Center locations on the website.

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