Yuka Kinoshita: A Tiny YouTuber With A Big Appetite

  • At first glance, this small-looking girl seems to be someone who might eat very little. You have always heard that you should not judge a book by its cover and it is certainly the case with Yuka Kinoshita. She can just gulp down food that could be served to more than 10 people in one sitting.

    100 Hamburgers Challenge

    Her most popular upload on Youtube is this video of her trying to eat 100 hamburgers from McDonalds. She managed to only eat 62, but that is already a phenomenal feat! It’s amazing that she didn’t get a heart attack after that!

    2.5 kg Natto Rice Challenge

    In this challenge, Yuka attempted to eat 2.5 kg of natto rice. Mixing that amount of natto proves to be a tiring task indeed. I wonder if she felt gassy after eating all of that.

    1 kg Bacon and 10 Eggs Challenge

    Egg yolks are said to contain high cholesterol so it is not recommended to have many of them every day but she eats 10 of them in this video along with bacon. I have a strange feeling after looking at that big egg yolk.

    3.9 kg Yakisoba Challenge

    This is also one of her most watched videos. In this video, she downs 3.9 kg of yakisoba noodles. The taste must be really plain if she had to keep adding mayonnaise to it!

    She is obviously not a picky eater. In probably every video, she happily exclaims that the food is delicious. Even if I could eat that much, I would probably find the food very repulsive after eating so much of it!

    Despite her ability to eat a large amount, she still manages to maintain a thin frame. Her ability to do so is one of the mysteries of the world and many people probably want to know her secret!

    Do you think you could eat as much as Yuka Kinoshita? What challenges would you want to try?

    Yuka Kinoshita’s YouTube Channel

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