How To Become Slim Like the Japanese with the Easy ’Banana Diet’!

  • “100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10-km run every single day!! …And in the mornings, a banana should be enough.” If you have been following the One Punch Man series, you should recognize this quote by Saitama. But wait, why only a banana in the morning? I believe it is referring to the ‘Banana Diet’, which was very popular in Japan in 2008.

    The ‘Morning Banana Diet’ (aka Banana Diet) was invented by Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist in Osaka, to help improve the metabolism of her husband Hitoshi Watanabe, who had been pretty overweight. Hitoshi, who had studied traditional Chinese medicine and counselling, managed to shed 37 pounds (16.8 kg) while on the Banana Diet. The diet became famous when Hitoshi wrote about it on Mixi, a Japanese social networking site. The diet became even more popular when a singer appeared on a TV show and revealed that she had lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks on the diet. The popularity of the diet even caused banana shortages and increased the price of bananas in Japan.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


    The diet requires one to eat as many bananas as you would like in the morning, and chew them slowly. The original dieter was said to have 4 bananas for breakfast. You can have your banana breakfast with a glass of room temperature water or something to warm up your stomach like ginger tea. The bananas must be raw, uncooked and unfrozen. Frozen bananas are not recommended as they are too cold for the stomach which is not good for digestion. If you still feel like eating something else, you can wait 15 to 30 minutes (ideally 30 minutes), then you can eat other food. Hitoshi sometimes ate a rice ball 2.5 hours after breakfast. If you really dislike bananas, you can actually replace them with other fruits.

    As for lunch and dinner, there are no restrictions on the type of food you eat. However, it is recommended to have dinner before 8 pm and that nothing should be eaten after that. Common sense also tells us that we should eat healthy foods instead of whatever we want, despite the diet’s seemingly flexible rules for lunch and dinner. For faster results you should eat Japanese-style food, and eat more rice with fewer side dishes.



    Water should be taken in small sips throughout the day and the water must be at room temperature. There is no rule about how much water you should drink, so the only thing you must remember is to very often drink some water.

    Rest and Relaxation


    Sleeping well and being stress-free are major contributions to the success of your Banana Diet. This is because proper rest is required to recover your body’s condition. It is recommended that dieters should go to bed before midnight because going to bed earlier and having a good night’s sleep would make one lose weight easier.

    The reason why the Morning Banana Diet is simple and not very restrictive is if you only think of dieting as being equal to controlling your meals, you may feel stressed out and lose patience over time, which will ruin your diet plan. This diet is not too difficult to stick with, so the chances are higher you will successfully follow it for a long time, lose the weight and keep it off!

    Since there are no strict restrictions for lunch and dinner, it is unlikely to cause unbalanced nutrition unless you have been eating unhealthy foods for lunch and dinner. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to give this Banana Diet a go! After all, if it is advocated by Saitama it should be good, right?

    You can click here for more detailed information about the diet.

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