Prince of Stride: Alternative, An Exciting New Sports Anime!

  • Anime fans are surely excited because the start of 2016 means a whole new round of seasons for their most awaited animes! And let’s admit it, this season is packed full of a number of promising animes to look forward to.

    The number of new episodes keeps piling up every week of the new anime lineup and as one of those who waited as well, there is a bunch of names that I looked forward to watching. But within that list of new animes to air, there is one that I have been anticipating for over a few months and would like to introduce to the readers which is, Prince of Stride: Alternative!

    Prince of Stride: Alternative

    Prince of Stride: Alternative’s first episode aired on January 5, 2016, and with what was shown in the first episode, the story centers around the students, or more specifically, the members of the Hounan Gakuen Stride-Bu or Stride Club and the sport, stride, itself. Prince of Stride is originally a game for the PS Vita that was released last year in July, which was then followed by a Manga release in November of the same year. Both are published by Kadokawa.

    The Anime adaptation of Prince of Stride was developed by Madhouse Studios, which is also same people behind last season’s popular anime, One Punch Man. At the same time, the anime is also licensed by Madman and Funimation.

    Moving on, what is Stride anyway?


    Stride is the fictional extreme sport that is central to this anime. A team of six people runs a relay race in a given location. If you watch the show closely, you’ll see that it resembles real life parkour or free running. At first, I thought Prince of Stride would be an anime involving Ekiden races just by looking at its poster but I was pleasantly surprised by the even cooler outcome combining parkour and relay racing!

    Prince of Stride: Alternative would be a good anime to watch if you’re into sports or running itself, and if you like color emphasis too! The show has aired three episodes as of the time of writing and I can pretty much say I’m enjoying it. Why not check Prince of Stride: Alternative out? It airs every Tuesday night and you might just get hooked watching it too!


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