Visit the ruins of Sky Floating Castle from 15th century!

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  • Locally referred to as the “Machu Pichu” of Japan, this astounding castle was built at 353 meter altitude and can be seen surrounded by the sea of clouds; that’s why it is also called the castle in the sky.

    Takeda Castle: The Castle in the Sky

    We strongly recommend you to visit the ruins of Takeda Castle, however, you don’t have to spend the whole day there, we also recommend you to take JR Hamakaze from Takeda Station straight to Himeji Station. It will bring you to the stunning Himeji Castle in just an hour! But if you decide to visit that castle on a different trip, you should definitely visit the local villages around Takeda Castle, such as Asago City, for example, and don’t forget to try some local food!

    Opening hours and entrance fees

    Please remember to bring cash with you because you must pay on the day and it costs approximately 300 Yen (prices may change when you go there, you can ask about that at the Tourist Centre in Asago City, the nearest city of the castle).

    It is usually opened from March to December and closes quite early like 4-5pm so try to go there earlier if you want to admire the sea of cloud or the magical foggy scenery in autumn.

    How to get there?

    The magical view of the castle can be found in Hyogo Prefecture which is located in Kansai area, 2-3 hours away from Kobe or Osaka.
    It is a bit complicated to get there but don’t give up because it is totally worth it!
    From Osaka Station, just take the JR Konotori to Fukuchiyama Station. Then change to JR Hashidate and go to Wadayama Station. At Wadayama station change again for JR Bantan line to Takeda Station.
    After that, of course, you’ll have to walk approximately 30 minutes because the train doesn’t go to the top of the mountain!

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