The Latest in Bizarre but Tasty Japanese Kit Kat Flavors: Sake Kit Kats!

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  • Even though Kit Kat is a brand of chocolates originally from the United Kingdom, Japan is known for its wide assortment of Kit Kat flavors which are unique and cannot be found in other parts of the world. Some of the flavors that have been produced by Nestle Japan include edamame (soybean), matcha (green tea), hot Japanese chilli, and wasabi. If you enjoy trying out the various flavors of Kit Kat, then you may be delighted to try a new flavor from Nestle Japan – sake-flavored Kit Kats!

    Kit Kats in Japan


    Matcha green tea Kit Kats are highly popular and have been so popular a favorite among tourists that they are imported or produced in other countries as well. It is deemed as one of the must-buy souvenirs when you go to Japan. According to Nestle Japan, the sales of green tea Kit Kat increased by 20% in 2015 compared to the previous year.

    Sake Flavored Kit Kats


    In light of the popularity of chocolates infused with traditional Japanese ingredients, Nestle Japan hopes to replicate the success of the green tea Kit Kats by concocting this sake or nihonshu-flavored Kit Kats which are mainly targeted to the foreign market. Sake is a well-known traditional Japanese rice wine which is made from fermented rice. Sake powder is added to the Kit Kats to give the chocolates the aroma and taste of refreshing sake.

    The chocolates are available from the 1st of February 2016 onwards. They come in 3-pack boxes priced at 150 yen that you can purchase at convenience stores. The packaging of this latest Kit Kat flavor features a design of sakura flowers and, of course, a sake bottle.


    In addition, there is this unique 9-piece box that will be priced at 700 yen and will be available at souvenir shops. The 9-piece packs (as seen below on the left) feature this beautiful package design of a sake bottle. This unique and beautiful packaging would definitely make an excellent souvenir for travelers to bring home.


    To celebrate the launch of this product, the sake Kit Kats will be featured at Craft Sake Week in Roppongi Hills, from the 5th of February to the 14th of February 2016. If you are in Japan during that time period, you can check out the event and try the sake Kit Kats! The taste will not disappoint you!

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