3 Recommended Kabuki Theaters in Japan

  • It is heartily recommended to attend a Kabuki show because this art form will definitely blow your mind away! Moreover, this traditional form of Japanese theatre is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
    The Japanese theatre usually offers great seats and great music, because usually there are real musicians playing live music during the shows. The Kabuki shows usually revolve around historical events, love stories, moral conflicts, tales of tragedy and more.

    Our most recommended places to enjoy a Kabuki show are in Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

    1. Minami-Za Theatre

    You will find the oldest Kabuki Theatre of Japan in Kyoto, it has over a thousand seats! There are a unique stagecraft featuring runway stage (Hanamichi), trap-door lift stage mechanism (Seri), revolving stage (Mawari-Butai) and more inside of it!
    The biggest event usually takes place in December, it is called Kaomise Festival and you can see the best Kabuki actors of Japan.
    It is easily accessible as it is one minute away from the Gion Shijo Station (Keihan Line). However, the opening hours are irregular and depend on the show and so do the entrance fees. Therefore, you should definitely visit the website or go to the local information centre.

    Update: Minami-Za is, as of 2017, going through repair work, and a re-opening date has not yet been confirmed.


    2. Shochiku-Za Theatre

    In Osaka, you will find the amazing Shochiku-za Theatre that offers short, medium and full performances, however, like in Kyoto, the opening hours are irregular so be careful and get information before going there!
    To get there just take Osaka City Subway to Namba Station and exit no 14, then walk for just a minute.


    3. Hakata-Za Theatre

    Fukuoka Prefecture is located on Kyushu Island, therefore it might be difficult for you to go there unless you have planned to visit that area. If you have the chance to go to Fukuoka you will find the Hakata-za Theatre which has approximately 1,500 seats designed to offer the best view of the show! There are both Kabuki shows and Musicals performed in this theatre, and you can find shows monthly but still you need to check the website before going.

    If you take the local subway in Fukuoka, the exit 7 of Nakasu-Kawabata Station will bring you there.
    If you cannot visit these three cities and you are stuck in Tokyo, don’t worry because there are Kabuki-za and the National theatres that also offers stunning Kabuki performances! It is respectively around Higashi Ginza Station (Asakusa Subway Line) and 5 minutes by walk from Hanzomon Station (Hanzomon Line). Tickets can be booked online!

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