Vegetarians Rejoice! Sushi Nova has you Covered with Vegetable Sushi Options!

  • There are some who don’t like the idea of indulging in raw fish and so avoid what others consider mouth-watering Japanese sashimi and sushi. However, there are sushi restaurant chains that provide vegetable-based sushi options along with their meat-based sushi menu. This provides great options for vegetarians too!

    Sushi Nova


    In September 2015, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Kappa Sushi, well-known for its 108 yen sushi, opened a different type of conveyor belt sushi named, Sushi Nova (Sushi No Ba), which means Sushi Place. It offers salad sushi using seasonal vegetables as toppings. The first shop was opened at Aoyama Oval Building, and it is expected that 100 Sushi Nova restaurants will be operating in Japan by 2019.

    Price Range


    Like Kappa Sushi, Sushi Nova offers good-quality sushi at reasonable prices which range between 120 to 420 yen. Like many sushi chains in Japan, all orders are placed using a touch-screen device.

    Vegetable Sushi


    The vegetable sushi options available include okra sushi, asparagus sushi, and eggplant sushi. I am not a huge fan of vegetables but the set looks very appetizing. The eggplant has an eye-catching blue color and is pickled which gives it a sharp, tangy taste! However, the okra and asparagus sushi options are wrapped with ham so are not vegetarian-friendly.

    Gunkan Maki Sushi Alternative


    There is a popular sushi item on the menu at Kappa Sushi called the Gunkan Maki sushi. At Sushi Nova, there is a similar-looking version which utilizes bell peppers. Besides the vegetable options, there are meat options available too.


    For any meat lovers, you may want to give the Anago sushi a try which appears to have more meat than rice. However, meat-lovers generally don’t complain! Anago is actually a type of saltwater eel so it may taste similar to unagi.

    So, what do you think of the vegetable options available at Sushi Nova? It’s great for vegetarians and with such reasonable sushi prices, there’s no harm in trying some of the vegetable options available as a compliment to the standard meat-based sushi options for all the meat-lovers out there!

    Kappa-Sushi Website


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