Chocoholics Should Not Miss Out on the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Chocolat Promenade!

  • Valentines Day is fast approaching and as expected, lots of chocolates will be pouring out all over Japan. However, when the demand for the country’s material manifestation of love overshoots the amount of supply, that spells disaster for all chocoholics out there. So, if you don’t want to be left behind, I suggest that you mark your calendars right now and save the date because Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store is hosting a chocolate exhibition called Chocolat Promenade this coming Valentines Day 2016 from Sapporo to Kobe.

    Chocolat Promenade


    Spread the love this coming Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2016, as Chocolat Promenade will showcase an exquisite chocolatey treat for all. Starting on January 20, 2016 in Matsuzakaya Toyota and Nagoya and January 27, 2016 in other Daimaru Matsuzakaya branches, Chocolat Promenade will open the exhibit and sales of these gourmet chocolates from the first floor to the eleventh floor of the department store. This event will also feature 80 plus chocolatiers from abroad around the country which are grouped into four different types: luxury chocolat, Japan ensemble chocolat, collaboration chocolat, and elegant chocolat.

    Luxury Chocolat


    Luxury Chocolat features the works of world renowned chocolatier Gilles Cresno who is among the best 14 chocolatiers in France with accolades from C.C.C (Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat) for four years. All eight varieties (or Huit Chocolats) of Cresno’s chocolate including fruit ganache and passion fruit costs around 3,780 yen.

    Another must-try Cresno creation that will be featured is Araguani which has 72% cacao of avian Nita Rio costs 2,052 yen per 85 grams. Another chocolatier that will be included in the list of luxury chocolat is Christophe Roussel who has also won awards in C.C.C. five times in a row. His chocolate Kiss Kiss Kiss which is in a package of three costs 1,728 yen with flavors of raspberry, champagne, caramel and passion fruit. Expect also an explosion of flavors from other chocolatiers such as Noel Jovy, Bruno Saladino, Benoit chocolats, BVLGARI and Chocolat Seve.

    Japan Ensemble Chocolat


    The quality of chocolates in Japan Ensemble Chocolat is on par with those in the line-ups of Luxury Chocolat. In fact, it could be said that it is a Luxury Chocolat with a Japanese twist. The flavors infused in the chocolates include Japanese tea, yuzu, and azuki bean to name a few. The Russian Skull YUZU by Compartes Chocolatier is among one of the many kinds of chocolates that will be featured in the exhibit. A package of five of this intensely rich yuzu-flavored chocolates costs 1,296 yen.

    Pierre Ledent Maitre Chocolatier also comes with their best seller called Petit Chateu Miyabi. A box of eight of these delightful desserts costs 2,970 yen. Nitorihishokorade by Demel is also something to look forward to as it offers bold flavors of lemon, roasted tea and extracts of cherry. A pack of six of Nitorihishokorade is retailed at 2,160 yen. Some chocolatiers which will be showcased under the Japan Ensemble Chocolat line-up include Le Cordon Bleu which also uses Kyoto Tea to enhance the flavor of the chocolate, Goncharoff Petit Desert a la Mode, and Mon Loire Chocolate House which both use azuki beans.

    Collaboration Chocolat


    Included in the list of Collaboration Chocolat are eight varieties of Ozamu Tezuka World with Goncharoff: Atom type box (1,296 yen), tezukaraiburari which comes in 22 and 9 pieces of chocolates (at 1,836 yen and 810 yen respectively), knight of ribbons which also comes in 15 and 9 pieces (at 1,080 yen and 648 yen), Astro Boy in 15 and 9 packs (at 1,080 yen and 648 yen) and tezukabukku which comes in 16 pieces at 2,160 yen. There is also a collaboration with Calbee which is known as Calbee Valentine. Calbee Valentine offers different flavors of chocolate-coated fried sweet potatoes from plain, to heavy bitter chocolate, to matcha with prices ranging from 540 yen to 2,808 yen. Mary’s Chocolate also adopted Moomin characters in their creation as well as Utako Yamada’s Anne of Green Gables illustration.

    Elegant Chocolat


    Sparkling crystal glitter that shines like diamonds defines Elegant Chocolat. Among those that will be featured in the group of Elegant Chocolat include Godiva’s coup d’amour keepsake which comes in a package of five at 3,996 yen and coup d’amour sele cushion which also comes in five pieces per pack at 2,160 yen. Bruyerre which is a chocolatier that was established in 1909 offers traditional recipes of Belgian chocolates which cost around 2,484 yen. Francois Doucet which was founded in 1969 is one of the most famous chocolatiers and patisseries in France. The chocolatier offers a new item which a raisin coated in milk chocolates. 145 grams of this treat costs 1,728 yen.

    More Information

    For those who cannot make it on the day of the exhibit, online orders are accepted but will be limited until February 6, 2016. Details of the event could also be found here.

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