Tips; How to make oden tastier

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  • Do you know Oden? Oden is one of Japanese foods especially for winter. Oden has many foods inside of soup which is made from “Dashi” ( Dashi is Japanese traditional taste soup whi are taken from fish, and ip the taste can be different depending on which fish you use) such as daikons, rice cakes, eggs, and many things! The foods that are inside of the soup can be different depending on each home! So, Oden makes us enjoy by various soup and foods! And also, you can fin those in convenience stores in winter. Anyway, there are many ways to eat Oden not just eat those normaly. When you get Oden in Japan, I want you to try those out!!!

    1. Miso-Oden

    This is called Miso-Oden. Miso Oden is eating oden with miso-denraku. Miso denraku is made from miso ( Japanese traditional seasoning made from soy beans), sugar, and sake. Because miso-denraku include sugar, it would be a little bit sweet. The sweetness and Oden amazingly match! You can make miso-denraku easily, but also, you can find it in super market as well!

    2. Karashi-sumiso

    This is called Karashi-sumiso. Karashi-sumiso is consist of karshi (mustard), su ( vinegar), and miso. Because of karashi, you feel a little bit spicy, but you also feel sour due to su. In addition, miso makes Oden a little bit sweeter, so those tastes are mixed well. Once you taste it, you can’t eat Oden without Karashi-sumiso!!

    3. Shime-gohan

    Shine-gohan is not tastes just like I explained before, it is just a behavior after you finish eating Oden. After you eat Oden, probably there is soup inside of plate. However, the soup is magpie from Dashi, so you should enjoy it. You can just drink it, but there is better way. You can put rice inside of it! It’s called “Shime-gohan”, it means “ending of meal”. Rice absorbs the dashi soup and the taste gonna be great!! Not only rice, but also you can put ramen, udon, soba, and whatever you want! To do “Shime-gohan”, you don’t have to throw away the soup and more, you can enjoy it!

    Here, I talked about Oden. Oden is my one of favorite foods, because it’s taste great, and also I can enjoy the variety. When you visit Japan, you should go to Oden restaurant or convenience store to get Oden and should try those way to eat!!