All About the Upcoming 2016 Annual Tokyo Marathon!

  • Running is a very popular sport all around the world where many people join in on the fun for enjoyment as well as the various health benefits involved. However, if you’re one who prefers competitive races, then an organized fun run or marathon may be the perfect track for you.

    Tokyo Marathon


    Japan holds a number of popular running activities all throughout the country. However, every year in the capital, the Tokyo Marathon takes place and draws the attention of both Japanese and travelers from all around the world. Aside from being a competition, the Tokyo Marathon is also a place where runners are united for a cause.

    Background of the Tokyo Marathon


    The Tokyo Marathon is an annual event that was first held on February 18, 2007. There are two types of races in which a person can enter, namely the 10-kilometer race and the full marathon itself. The Tokyo Marathon is also one of the 6 World Marathon Majors alongside Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.

    How to Enter


    Every year, thousands of aspiring runners send out applications to join this wonderful event but only the lucky winners from the lottery are are able to participate. Despite that, the marathon is fairly equal regardless of gender or disabilities.

    Tokyo Marathon Charity


    Aside from being both a fun and competitive race, the Tokyo Marathon also serves as a charitable foundation to help causes such as, global environment preservation, support for worldwide refugees and promoting sports.


    There are two ways to participate in the charity program; the first is by becoming a Charity Runner by raising donations, and the second is to be a donor to support Charity Runners. These Charity Runners are key to spreading the objective of the charity program.

    Running for a charitable cause is more fun as you’re not only running to improve your health but also to help various charities along the way. So, whether or not you’re a participant, volunteer or even a spectator, the Tokyo Marathon 2016 will be a great event to be a part of.

    Tokyo Marthon Website

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