How to Be a Burikko (An Overly Cutesy Girl) in 5 Easy Steps

  • Burikko is a term used to describe a person (usually a girl) who acts in a cute manner in order to get the attention of people and also to make others think that he or she is cute. You could say that it is a complement to the kawaii culture in Japan. Burikko is a term that was originally coined by legendary pop idol Seiko Matsuda, who was gained fame in the 1980s. There is probably no similar term in English, but the best way to describe a burikko might be as a “cutesy girl”. If you aspire to be a burikko, here are some of the tips:

    1. Speak in a high-pitched, squeaky voice

    For reference, you may refer to well-known burikko Tsugunaga Momoko (of Berryz Kobo fame) for inspiration. You may likely have heard of this way of speaking by some girls in Japan (be they celebrities or not) before. It sort of resembles a child’s or a baby’s voice because the idea of being a burikko is to act like a cute child. Sometimes, even older women attempt to be cute by speaking in a child-like voice!

    2. Be happy and excited about everything

    A burikko must be happy nearly all the time. A burikko cheers people up and makes the mood more joyful. Even simple things which may not look interesting must be treated with child-like excitement. Even if a person is telling a joke which is not funny, a burikko would laugh at it as if it is genuinely funny.

    3. Be easily surprised or afraid of mildly scary things

    Mildly scary things may include mild roller coaster rides, mildly scary haunted houses at fairs, tiny bugs or even thunder which is not even that loud. A burikko may show strongly exaggerated expressions of being scared to the bone. This may make her seem like a damsel in distress who is in need of protection, thus attracting sympathy from people around her.

    4. Dress cutely

    A successful burikko usually also dresses cutely so that she not only has a burikko personality, but she also looks like a burikko because she looks young! You may wear cute clothes such as frilly dresses which look somewhat inspired by the clothes of dolls, young girls or babies.

    5. Make cute gestures

    There are many cute gestures which you can apply in your daily life. For instance, the cat-style pose or the slightly puffed cheeks pose.

    Master the steps above and you will be closer to being a full-fledged burikko! You have to be mindful, though, that not everyone appreciates a burikko. In fact, some people find burikko annoying! If you do not mind the perception of others and still intend to be a burikko, then go ahead and become one! You can’t please everyone anyway.

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