Convenience stores’ desserts that open 24 hours! ーLAWSONー

  • When you visit Japan, you would see many convenience stores. In my opinion, Japanese convenience stores may have everything that you need and you want. Also, my recommendation to get in convenience store is desserts. Each convenience company has own dessert brand, and those are getting popular these days. This time, I’ll introduce about desserts that you can find in Lawson which is one of the biggest convenience stores in Japan. Also, hopefully I’ll introduce about other convenience store company in the other article!

    The desserts brand of Lawson is called Uchi-cafė. Uchi-cafė means “cafe in my home”. Their desserts are cheap, and easy to get, so you can take those to home and enjoy it just like cafe in home.

    1. Pure-cheese cake

    This cheese cake is the new item from Uchi-cafė this year, and that got huge popularity rapidly among young people especially girls. Its name is Pure-cheese cake because it doesn’t have artificial additives. In convenience store, they packed their desserts, so they need to use more artificial additives, but they didn’t put those to seek healthy and safe. As a result, they got popular. They taste like creamy cheese and you can’t believe that the cheese cake is from just a convenience store, not from cake restaurants.

    2. Spoonable premium roll cake

    This is called “spoonable premium roll cake” due to the amount of whipping cream. Seemingly, this roll cake is really sweet because of the whipped cream, but the cream is not too sweet. And also, there are many flavor of the roll cake such as chocolate, green tea, and limited item depending on season!

    3. Premium Gyutto-cream cheese

    This is also cheese cake, but in my opinion, this cheese cake is amazing! Gyutto means condensation, and it’s used as an expression of the cheese cream’s richness. As it’s name suggests, the richness of its cheese cream may make you happy. And also, its size is handable size, so you can take it in your hands and you can enjoy it with walking. In addition, this item also has some flavor, chocolate, caramel, green tea, and limited item depending on season.

    Here, I introduced you just a part of Lawsons’ desserts. Probably you can find those in every Lawson that up you find. As I said before, those are just part of their dressy and I bet other items are really good as well. Anyway, those are my recommendation, you should try those out!!