Officially certified. A Japanese restaurant that can also be enjoyed by Muslims in Shibuya

  • Japan is not especially familiar with Islam.
    Because of this, within Japan, normal restaurants have been slow to provide halal food.

    With that situation in mind, we will introduce to you a restaurant that has offered Japanese style halal food since 2011, and that received official certification as a local halal restaurant in 2013.

    Officially certified

    The local halal restaurant certification process was based upon the standards of the world’s most highly accepted halal certification from Malaysia.
    This Japanese halal, which is continually improving in response to the opinions of customers, includes many famous Japanese dishes such as tempura and sashimi.

    The main dish is a shabu-shabu.
    And by using a famous beef , it was very tasty meat .
    The food isn’t flavored in the same way as normal Japanese food, but has been designed to conform to the tastes of Indonesian and Malaysian customers.
    Please try this Japanese halal food, which brings out the best in Japanese traditions, while improving upon them.

    Very near from Shibuya!

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