2 of the Best Rent-A-Car Companies in Japan and How to Rent from Them

  • Driving a car in Japan has never been so easy with many rental companies offering services at a lower price for your short travels. If you have a driver’s license that is valid in Japan, the best way to have a trip is to rent a car, pick it up and go for the ride. Let’s have a look at the following car rental companies in Japan that one must have a look at.

    1. Toyota Rent-A-Car


    . 【トヨタレンタリース名古屋 南陽町店】 こんにちは🌞 トヨタレンタリース名古屋 南陽町店です💚 東海通り沿い南陽中学校交差点のそば、南側にあります🚘🚥 中央分離帯がございますのでお車でお越しの際は名古屋方面からお越し下さい😊 当店から車で約4分のところにはイオンモール名古屋茶屋やとだがわこどもランドが、約20分のところには名古屋港水族館やレゴランドジャパンなどがあり、ナガシマスパーランドや三井アウトレットパークジャズドリーム長島へもアクセス抜群‼️🎡✨ 三井アウトレットパークジャズドリーム長島へ行かれる際にはお得なプランもご用意しておりますので、直接店舗のスタッフにお尋ねいただくか、プロフィール欄よりHPをご覧下さい🎁💕 トヨタレンタリース名古屋のレンタカーでご家族やご友人と遊びに出かけませんか?🚗💨 . #ジャズドリーム #ジャズドリーム長島 #トヨタレンタリース名古屋 #レンタカーのある生活 #そうだ出かけよう #TOYOTA #トヨタレンタカー #名古屋 #いいね返し

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    Toyota Rent-A-Car has the largest selection of rental cars in Japan from passenger cars to wide trucks offering an extensive line-up to meet the needs of every customer for business or leisure. It has about 1200 rental shops located mainly at airports and stations for convenience. There is a car always available for you at any time at these shops. They have the best service engineers and technicians to maintain the cars at their 5000 techno shops. There are service stations all across Japan in case the car breaks down on the road.

    The best thing about the Toyota Rent-A-Car is the flexibility of travel. You can choose any pickup location and leave it at any returning location of your choice. The prices are so convenient that it would not cost a lot for a particular distance. The cars are rented on an hourly basis with a starting price of 1000 yen per hour. You can make reservations from outside of Japan as well.

    Toyota Rent-A-Car’s English Website

    2. Nippon Rent-A-Car

    Nippon Rent-A-Car is one of the oldest car rental companies in Japan. Established in 1969, the company offers better services to its customers. Just like Toyota Rent-A-Car, it has many different kinds of cars to choose and to make reservations. The services are available 24 hours in all major cities of Japan at airports. It is a convenient and comfortable means of transport with prices and good customer service facilities.

    The vehicles are equipped with automatic toll-pass cards, in-car entertainment, advanced GPS and much more. There are different types of insurance and protection measures available to cover accidents, parking violations, and other things. The best thing about this service is that there are many offers available for one to benefit from during the rental period such as free fuel up to 10 liters, discount on excess hour charge and so on.

    Nippon Rent-A-Car’s English Website

    Driving License

    Each car rental company has different rules when it comes to driving license requirements. But in general, you can drive easily with either a Japanese driver’s license or an international driving permit. International driving permits issued by signatory countries under theParis Convention (1926), Washington Convention (1943) or Vienna Convention (1968) are usually not recognized. The international permits should have a validity period of at least 1 year and should be obtained from signatories under Geneva Convention only. You should present your passport and driver’s license or permit when renting a car in Japan. Drivers from Germany, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, Slovenia and Taiwan should present an official Japanese translation of their driving licenses that can be obtained from their respective embassies of Japan.

    There are many other car rental companies such as Nissan Rent-A-Car which are quite new and efficient. However, when it comes to charges and ease of travel, the aforementioned two have been proved to be efficient. Do not hesitate to drive when you are in Japan with the help of these awesome rental companies.

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