Moriumius-Lusail Summer Camp: Teaching Kids all about Sustainability and Nature

  • At the Miyagi town of Ogatsu, a special educational project has been opened since the 18th of July 2015 to revitalize the town which had lost 80% of its buildings and 10% of its population due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project is called Moriumius-Lusail which aims to create a place where local children, as well as those of various backgrounds and cultures, can interact with each other; as well as learn the way of life of the local people, sustainability and co-existing with nature.

    How the Project started

    Moriumius was initiated by Sweet Treat 311, which is an organization that started by distributing food and sweets to children who were victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Now, the organization mainly focuses on educational support to children in Miyagi. Moriumius is the combination of three words which are mori (forest), umi (sea) and the English word “us”.

    What the Project involves

    The project is kind of like a summer camp. Children get to stay there for a few days or a week, or even up to a month. Many of the activities in Moriumius are centered on core industries like agriculture and fishing. For instance, children learn to harvest the rice that is grown using recycled water.

    Besides that, the children have the opportunity to experience taking care of pigs.

    The children also get to go out to the sea with fishermen and learn about seafood farming such as oysters, sea urchin, abalone and scallops depending on the season. The kids get to feast on the seasonal catches too!

    Furthermore, the children are taught to split firewood and start up a fire for cooking.

    Due to extensive outdoor activities, children acquire the knowledge and ability to live in various natural environments which include the forest, mountains, and the sea. Therefore, the children are trained to be survivalists in times of unexpected natural disaster conditions like an earthquake. The camp also helps to improve their physical and mental health too. It would be great if more schools incorporated these outdoor activities to help children learn to appreciate nature and the importance of sustainability.

    For more information, check out their facebook page and website below.

    Facebook page
    Moriumius Website*Japanese Only


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