Genbi Shinkansen: Enjoy the ’World’s Fastest Art Experience’ this Spring!

  • Japan has, undoubtedly, the fastest train in the world known as “shinkansen.” With the coming of times, Japan Railway made a unique bullet train which sticks to a contemporary form of art. The train has been dubbed as Genbi, meaning “Contemporary Beauty” and regarded as the “world’s fastest art appreciation”. It has a stylish black color which has been intricately decorated inside and out.

    The World’s Fastest Art Experience

    Genbi is considered the world’s fastest art experience which is planned to run between Echigo-Yuzawa and Niigata stations. The choice of the location is aimed at increasing the popularity of the train in other parts of Japan while the choice in modern art is related to upcoming Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. The festival is said to be the world’s largest and will be held this coming spring which coincides with the start of Genbi’s operations.


    The decorations on the train have been inspired by contemporary Japanese art by the world’s most prominent artists. The train’s exterior photos have been taken by Mika Ninagawa, a popular Japanese photographer and film director. You can also see huge fireworks photographs at the side of the train which have been taken during the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival. Other contributors include Yosuke Komuta, Kentaro Kobuki, Nao Matsumoto, Haruka Kojin and Brian Alfred.

    The Genbi’s Design


    Genbi has only 103 seats available for passengers. It is regarded to be of small capacity as it is only one-third of the usual number of seats. Windows are only on one side to provide a fashionable asymmetry. It has a total of 6 carriages with one carriage primarily devoted to art’s display. Apart from being a mobile gallery, the train also has a cafe serving coffee with some confectioneries.

    上越新幹線Maxとき⑦(おまけ) ~現美新幹線~ * こちらは越後湯沢‐新潟を週末に運行しているE3系の現美新幹線です♪ 外観デザインは蜷川実花さんが担当し、黒を基調に夏の夜空を彩る長岡の花火を描いているとのことです。 現美=現代美術の略だそうで、車両側面にも「現美」の文字をあしらったロゴマークが付いていますね♪ 車内ではその名の通り、絵画・平面・彫刻・写真・立体・映像と最速美術館となっております。美味しいコーヒーやプラレールなんかも… …と知ったように紹介していますが、まだ乗ったことはありません!笑 新潟県は長岡花火、山の片貝、海の柏崎…素晴らしい花火大会がたくさんあります(^O^)/ 新幹線に乗ってぜひお越しください(^_-)-☆ * #JR東日本 #新幹線 #上越新幹線 #E3系 #現美新幹線 #GenbiShinkansen #世界最速の芸術鑑賞 #アート #railway #railstagram #trainstagram #gataphoto #niigatapic #bestjapanpics #phos_japan #japan_daytime_view #jp_gallery #loves_nippon #team_jp_ #tokyocameraclub #art_of_japan_ #japanicious #natgeoyourshot #土曜日の小旅行 #キタムラ写真投稿

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    Genbi train is definitely going to be an artistic way of traveling in Japan. It will be going into service this spring which is a perfect season for art appreciation in the country.



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