Check out these Ancient Beautiful Castles in the Mist of Fukui!

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  • Fukui prefecture is situated on Honshu island bordering the Sea of Japan. It has many interesting places to visit such as castles, ruins, museums and so on. When it comes to castles, many of them are in ruins in Fukui. However, the two below are in perfectly good condition and are worth a visit. Check them out.

    Maruoka Castle


    Maruoka Castle is present in a town called Maruoka in Sakai district of Fukui prefecture. This is one of the long standing castles in Japan. Its keep (donjon) is, in fact, the oldest in Japan built in late 16th century by ‘Shibata Katsutoyo’ who was a samurai commander in Azuchi- Momoyama period. Most of the towers of the castle are lost or ruined with only the central tower remaining. The castle is a famous spot for the locals to celebrate festivals such as ‘hanami (flower viewing)’. It is known as ‘Mist Castle (Kasumi-ga-jo) ‘ by the locals, as the legend says that whenever enemies attacked the castle, they were lost in mist when trying to find it.

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    Echizen Ono Castle


    Echizen Ono Castle or Ono Castle or Kameyama Castle is a mountaintop castle (yamashiro) located in Ono city of Fukui prefecture. Ono city is encircled by a ring of mountains with only tunnels and mountain roads connecting the city. The Ono Castle was built by a Samurai namely ‘Kanamori Nagachika’ who lived from Sengoku period into the early Edo period. Nagachika is a tea master and an admirer of the “Way of Tea (chanoyu)” founder ‘Sen no Rikyu’. The Way of Tea or Japanese Tea Ceremony is a cultural activity including the preparation and serving of matcha (green tea).


    The castle was built by Nagachika in the late 16th century and it has been the center for many years ruled by several feudal lords. The castle was burnt down in 1775 and later reconstructed in 1795 only to be torn down during the Meiji Restoration period again. However, it was only in 1968, the destroyed parts of the castle were rebuilt with concrete. From then on, the castle has attracted many tourists from all over Japan. It is covered with snow and mist in the winter and is often called the ‘Castle in the Sky’ or ‘Mist Castle’.


    These are the two main castles which have been renovated and are in good shape. There are many other castles but unfortunately, they are in ruins. However, Fukui enthralls every tourist with its rich and great history and scenery so make sure you pay a visit during your travels!

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