Amateur in the Snow? Skip the Sore Backside and try Airboarding instead!

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  • There are a number of reasons to visit Japan all year ’round. During the winter season though, many of the visiting tourists head to the northern side of the country to experience the snowiest part of Japan. Winter sports are what they seek and so they shall get!

    Snowboarding and skiing are the most popular winter sports by both the Japanese and tourists at this time of the year. However, aside from that, there is a new activity that will add more excitement to your vacation. Why not give Airboarding a go while in Japan?!

    What is Airboarding?


    Airboarding is the latest snow activity that continues to gain popularity and consists of an inflated board where the user slides down the ski slope in a horizontal position. Originally from Switzerland, airboarding became a popular snow activity because it is much easier to manipulate when trying for the first time, in comparison to snowboarding and skiing.

    Why should you try Airboarding?


    So why should you try out Airboarding in the first place? Well, Airboarding is without a doubt an easier snow activity where you can easily learn and remember the turns and stops. At the same time, Airboarding is also a perfect start for those who have not had much experience in the snow!

    Where to try Airboarding?


    Some places require you to join Airboard tours for you to be able to learn and experience it for a fee, but that way you’ll be able to enjoy it with more people too! In Hokkaido, you can check out TAC Tokachi Adventure Club where the half day course is priced starting from 7,560 yen which includes renting all the equipment needed for your Airboarding experience!

    So, make sure you give Airboarding a go in Japan if you’re here for a snowy vacation. Grab your family or friends as well to join in on the fun!

    TAC Tokachi Adventure Club Website*Japanese Only


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