Attention Hatsune Miku Fans: Soon You Can Have Your Own Miku Perform for You Any Time!

  • Are you a fan of Hatsune Miku? Do you wish to see Hatsune Miku perform live, but are unable to do so? Do you want to bring Hatsune Miku with you wherever, whenever and hear her vocaloid singing talent on demand? Fret not! Nendoroid and iDoll are teaming up to bring a palm-sized Hatsune Miku that can do what she does best – sing, dance and even communicate with her fans.

    The Miku Robot

    Good Smile Company, the makers of the popular toy line Nendoroid, already has a number of best-selling Hatsune Miku Nendoroids but they want to take the Hatsune Miku experience up a notch for her fans by presenting us with a pocket-sized Miku robot that will probably trump all Hatsune Miku merchandise available on the market. They are giving the fans the gift of an actual Miku experience whenever and wherever they want!


    Hatsune Miku by iDoll and Nendoroid features the famous Nendoroid toy look. According to Yukai Engineering, the brains behind iDoll, that this Miku does not only dance and sing but also has the ability to greet the owner and crack jokes! It will also have different dance steps and greetings depending on the music you pop in her speakers. Pretty impressive, and the best thing Miku fans can have to next to getting their own vocaloid companion!



    At the moment, there is no official word yet on when we can get our hands on our own Hatsune Miku robot figure, and no pricing details available to tell us how much we will have to spend to do so. But the good news for Miku fans is that this mini Miku will be fully unveiled at the Winter Wonder Festival 2016 on February 7th in Makuhari Messe in Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture. The much-anticipated robot will be on display at Nendoroid’s 10th Anniversary Corner at the event. The official site dedicated to the Miku robot will also be updated on the launch, so keep an eye out for official details!

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