Learn the History of Fukui Prefecture Through These 3 Fascinating Castle Ruins

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  • Fukui prefecture is one of the great places where you can find rich history and traditions in Japan. Many historical monuments such as castles in Fukui are either in ruins or were renovated after being under different regimes or during second world war. Below are three of the amazing castle ruins in Fukui.

    1. Fukui Castle


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    Fukui castle is now in ruins and the Fukui prefectural office stand on the site. The castle was terribly destroyed by firebombing during World War II. It was built north of the older castle of Kitanosho in the early 17th century by Yuki Hideyasu, the daimyo of Fukui domain. The name ‘Fukui’ comes from the well located here named ‘Fukunoi’ which means ‘good luck well’. The well can be seen even today along with the moat that guarded the original castle grounds.


    2. Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins


    Ichijodani Asakura are the historic ruins situated in Kidonouchi district of Fukui. It has been a castle town and was founded in 1471 by the Asakura Family during the Sengoku period. The family ruled the area for more than one hundred years and it was a major cultural and military center with a population of around 10,000 at that time.

    The town was destroyed after the defeat of the Asakura family by Oda Nobunaga in 1573. The town was excavated in the late 1960s revealing different houses of merchants, lords, samurais, workers and others. It also had a 200-meter long street with four gardens ( Suwa Yakata-ato Garden, Asakura Yakato-ato Garden, Yudano-ato Garden, and Nanyoji-ato Garden) and a mighty mountaintop castle called Ichijodani Castle.


    3. Obama Castle


    The Obama Castle is also known as ‘Unpin Castle’ and is located in the city of Obama in Fukui prefecture. It was constructed in the year 1601 by Kyogoku Takatsugu and later went into the hands of Sakai Tadakatsu in 1634. Sakai increased the castle height of the tower, which after its increase reached an impressive height of 29 meters. The Sakai family held the possession of the castle until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. It was destroyed due to fire later and now only the stone walls remain today. The castle also has a shrine, Obama-jinja on the grounds currently.


    Do pay a visit to these amazing castle ruins of Fukui. Although they may not be much to look at now, visitors can certainly learn something interesting about the medieval-age history of this prefecture.

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