How to Get the Cheapest Bus Rides To and From Narita Airport

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  • Airport transfer to and from Narita Airport can be very expensive for someone who is travelling in Japan on a very tight budget. Although there was a move to cut fare prices, it can still be problematic for some passengers. Take for example the case of the Keisei Honsen Tokkyu express train. While the express train could take you from Ueno Station in Tokyo to Narita Airport in just one hour and ten minutes at a low price of 1,030 yen, there is the possibility of standing up all throughout your journey (for at least an hour) because seat reservations are not available. Thankfully, there are express buses operating between Narita Airport and Central Tokyo at a very low cost.

    Using Be Transse/JR Bus Kanto


    Be Transse is a bus company that is based on Chiba City. The company launched its airport bus services on August 12 2015 between Ginza and Tokyo Station to Narita Airport. According to a Be Transse employee, it would seem ridiculous for a low-cost carrier, budget airlines passenger paying less than 10,000 yen for a flight to Japan to pay 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen for a one-way ride via express train or limousine buses to get to and from the airport. Thus, Be Transse’s Access Narita buses offer a standard 1,500 yen bus fare for adults if booked one day ahead, 1,000 yen if booked at least one month ahead with a 50% discount given to children and the elderly. What makes it convenient to take a bus ride via Be Transse is that it has spacious seats and toilets.


    So far, there are currently 79 one-way bus trips running round-the-clock except between 1 am to 4 am from Narita to Tokyo since Be Transse collaborated with JR Bus Kanto (67 buses from Be Transse and 12 from JR). For more information about timetables and reservations just click here.

    Using Keisei Bus


    Be Transse is not the only company that offers cheap rides from Narita Airport to Tokyo. In fact, Keisei Bus, a company also based in Chiba City was the first to offer budget airport transfer fares at 1,000 yen (one way) in July 2012. Bus fares are discounted at 100 yen off when advance reservation is made at least a day before the trip and 200 yen off when ticket reservations were made at least one month ahead. The company operates from 6 am until past midnight and it also offers luggage storage facilities and comfortable couches. However, the travel time to and from Narita Airport will take about an hour and a half when coming from Tokyo which is slower compared to express trains. For more information about timetables and reservations just click here.

    Hopefully these two convenient and affordable bus options will make your Tokyo trip that much easier!

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