Have You Heard of Piske, Usagi, and Kanahei, Adorable Characters Loved in Japan?

  • Many people are familiar with LINE and its usage in Japan. LINE is the most popular form of communication used by both the young and old. What sets LINE apart from regular instant messaging is the use of emoji like stickers that range from different words to emotions and characters to show what you feel.

    There are thousands of LINE stickers up on the app and there are popular ones that stand out from the rest. Kanahei’s stickers are some of those and with its popularity, was now given the opportunity to open its own themed cafe for a limited time!

    Who is Kanahei?

    Kanahei is one of the most popular sticker illustrators on LINE and her illustrations became popular when she joined the LINE Creators Market. During that time, her illustrations reached the number 1 spot not long after they were released and received high praise.

    Kanahei’s popular illustrations consist of simple yet cute cartoons of rabbits, chicks and small animals named Usagi and Piske, displaying different emotions and characters. There are also honorific stickers available for purchase that can be used with workmates too!

    Kanahei no Yurutto Cafe

    With the popularity that Kanahei’s stickers received up to now, the stickers will be having their own themed cafe for a limited time this year (2016) starting from the 28th of January until the 14th of March at THE GUEST cafe & diner in Shibuya Parco. (The event has finished.)

    The characters Usagi, Piske and other cute small animals will be making their way into your heart (and stomach) with the original menu that you can enjoy. Not only will you be able to enjoy the cute selection of food, desserts and drinks but you can also take a commemorative photo in their photo spot and you can also purchase character designed stationary items and tableware.

    Make sure to check out the cute selections that Kanahei no Yurutto Cafe will be offering during its limited opening. You’ll surely get caught up in the cuteness of Kanahei’s illustrations and the food might just be too cute to eat too. And don’t forget to check out Kanahei’s stickers on LINE as well!

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/

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