Not Just For Kids! Jump Your Stress Away at Trampoline Park Trampoland!

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  • Living in Japan, you’ll definitely be exposed to a number of recreational activities that the country has to offer. From casual sports, cultural activities and whatever else might capture your interest.

    Aside from the usual recreation, there is also a variety of unique parks where you can just take some time for yourself or enjoy them with family and friends and just take the time to de-stress together! And if you want to try out something different, you might want to check out Trampoline Park Trampoland!

    Trampoline Park Trampoland


    The Trampoline Park Trampoland is a place where you can sweat out your stress and have fun at the same time by jumping around the indoor trampoline-filled park. If you think Trampoland is just a place for kids, well you have to think again! Trampoland is also a place that adults can also enjoy! Although the big kid inside us all is likely to come out at this park!

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    Though 4 out of 6 trampolines will be reserved for children under 3 from 10:00am to 12:00am on weekends, adults can also join in the fun too. Trampoland is an air conditioned place but you’ll surely work up a sweat from the jumping you’ll do!

    Trampoland Tokyo and Saitama


    There are currently two locations that are running Trampoline Park Trampoland. The first branch is in Tokyo with a size of 16m × 5m with a capacity of 15 people and there’s also a ball pool too.


    The second branch is in Saitama and is by far larger than the Tokyo branch. And here you can get to try out and enjoy more activities like playing at the pit, jumping into a sponge-filled pool, playing dodgeball, and you can also try out dunk shooting!

    There is a one-time registration fee of 540 yen, and the per hour rate is 1620 yen. Kids time is priced at 1080 yen. Jumping around in the trampoline-filled space will certainly help you de-stress and let out all of your extra energy. Trampoland is also a great place where you can spend some quality time and fun with your kids, so make sure to check it out!

    Trampoland Website

    Tokyo Access

    Saitama Access

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